A name, but not much else, well, except for a pig’s adventure

Even though I have not written about it, I have been actively enjoying my new companion.  It is the habit of writing again that is lacking.  My dolly play is making a slow but steady return.  I am finding that my new companion is very much different sort of companion doll.  She is very different from all of the dolls I have had.  She has an intense, stately, calming personality.  If that makes any sense.  I seem to derive strength from her.

Naming was difficult.  I felt as though nothing was fitting her and endless name searching was proving to be taxing.  Too many choices, too many reminders of people and dolls already known.  She needed something that was different to my ear.  Yet the unusual names were missing the mark too.  She is the woman who roams the highland and moors.  She can’t be bothered with finery, although I may be an influence to get her into  a lovely gown someday.  She most definitely Scottish.  Of that I have no doubt.

Maris (THE SEA) was a name that kept coming back to me.  I liked the sound of it, liked the way it suited her.  But is was rather plain.  I had tried a  Scottish name, Alesta to go with it.  Alesta Maris, thinking it sounded grand, but that was the problem.  She didn’t like it and it was impossible for my husband to pronounce the name the same way twice.  It was in cooking one evening that I saw the name on the bag of potatoes that made it clear…Piper Maris!  Of course, we all nodded our heads in agreement, what a perfect name.  Husband was happy about naming a doll after his beloved potato, I was amused that the “potato wife” (as my other blog is named), now has a potato named companion, and well, it seemed that Piper Maris smiled at our silliness and accepted the name with grace.

I went through and sorted everything I could that fit, which was very little.  Her chest is larger that my old SD Evie, so the few remaining dresses that I kept do not fit.  She is at least as big around as my Schoenhut, but of course cannot wear Rosies clothes, even temporarily as they are much too short in arms and hem length. Never mind about the childishness of a little girls clothes on a grown woman.

And so we have merely been keeping company as I take my time getting to know her and find her style.  She doesn’t were makeup, doesn’t seem to be into fashion at all.  I am beginning to see her as a simple loving woman, wearing bohemian style clothing.  

I am afraid that I do not have any good photo’s of her.  She is so much more in person and either she is not photogenic or my camera is being stubborn because I keep taking the flash off.  My camera is a point and shoot which means it hates anything it cannot preset itself with.  It refuses to take photos as my old camera did.  Once I get some clothes made, I will try for a proper photoshoot with my old camera.

SAM_5175 Piper Maris in a terrible mixture of anything-that-fits-sorta-kinda.  Yes, it’s embarrassing to show. 

She is wearing my china doll’s underskirt, Rosie’s crochet dress, Evie’s old jacket and young Evie’s thigh-high socks.  Yes, it is cringe worthy.  But I have so few pieces of fabric left, that I don’t want to sew anything up until I feel sure of her style. 

In other area’s, I have begun to push myself to enjoy the little lovely outdoor episodes of Olivia the Pocket Pig as my husband calls her.  We went to Paisley (yes, the town in Scotland that originated the famous paisley print) as this is where we are moving in October.  We have often shopped here and both of us have our bus and train hub in the town centre.  We went to the Abbey and then to a pub for our outing last Saturday.  Olivia made her debut.

SAM_5111 Have Pig, will travel.

SAM_5112 Leaving Renfrew and off to Paisley.

SAM_5138 Olivia liked the scale model of the abbey much better than the abbey itself.  She likes being bigger whenever she can.

SAM_5145 Although it was dark, grey and raining (as always) she insisted on taking a photo, although she was unable to pose properly since her bow was constantly blinding her ability to see whether the camera was pointing at her or not.

SAM_5159 Abbey’s aren’t really Olivia’s thing, but pubs are.

SAM_5160 And especially the food.  This is the one time where a food menu is welcomed to be bigger than she is.

SAM_5163 And a Guiness may also be big.  In fact, she rather enjoyed the bigness.

SAM_5166 Yes, indeed. 

SAM_5169 Luncheon was a lovely haggis on burger with whisky sauce and chips.  Oliva insisted she is still a vegetarian and ate the chips and left the haggis to me.  Which I really do like.

SAM_5173 Yes, pub life is the life for Olivia.

SAM_5165 With a full belly and wet snout, she was soon passed out in piggy oblivion.

We both enjoyed having Olivia with us so much, we have a feeling she is about to have more adventures ahead.


Famously Famous


Me:  Olivia!  What are you doing?  You’re making a mess!



Me: (Giggling) No way.



DSC03127 Olivia:  STOP LAUGHING!

DSC03128 Olivia: SEE!!!!!!!


Attempted Delivery!

Ack!  A delivery attempt!  Just received an email from my mother, they had a snow storm yesterday that knocked the power out and they got 18 inches of snow with 4-9 yet to come.  Sigh, poor little Evie’s body, I hope the mailman kept her warm and reassured her that today is the day she arrives and stays.  I know, I am not making any sense, it’s just a body, right?  But Evie may already be in there?  I have no idea.  I haven’t heard from Evie since the last letter.

I am hanging in limbo.  Each day I study Seola photo’s.  Each day I think of how she will look, I imagine hair and eye combinations, clothing styles, the toys, the trunk, the bicycle.  It’s strange in a way, that all the dolly things I have, how they were fun for a picture or two, but they never had a definite purpose.  They remained props.  Now with the new direction, they seem to mean more.  Evie has had that pink bicycle for over a year, I photographed her with it once.  It seems just a bit small in scale for her, I now know it will be perfect for her smaller body.  I have items I thought would work for Olwen, now seem more appropriate for a younger girl, like a Hello Kitty lunch box.  I keep thinking about how all these things I kept, even when at the time it was too childish for Evie, or too big for Olwen.  I even kept a bunch of little girl dresses that fit Evie, but of course looked ridiculous.  I kept them without ever knowing that Evie would regress in time.  It’s marvelous marveling time for me!  lol

Oh, and Olivia says hi!

Olivia At Whiskey Pete's

Look!  Whiskey Pete’s!  I want to go!  What do you mean they won’t let me in????
Bikini’s are proper attire!  Really!  I want to go gambling! 
Noooooo….don’t leave me!  It’s not fair!!!!!!!!!
I’ll take off my bikini!  Come back!
Well, Snivel, I changed my clothes and they still won’t let me go!  So we’ll have our own party!
Okay, here’s your kiss….it just that it’s so, so….mucus-y.  Blech!
Pie, corn, yule log cake, blue koolaid, mmmm…..so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And cookies and ice cream soda for a snack with TV!!!!!  Who cares about gambling?
owwww…..I think I ate too much!  Good night, Snivel.

Dreaming of My Dream

I am finally breathing again.  Been so caught up in dolly thoughts that I haven’t taken a breath in so long.  Now, I feel like everything is easing up, soon to fall into place.  My Dream Child is coming home.

I had a little bit of money left over that was meant to go towards the postage I spent on mailing the others out, but this morning, I found an American Girl trunk for $35 BIN and $20 in postage, so I am thrilled!  I had not planned on looking for one until I had sold more, but I pressed the button and BOOM…it was mine!  Or, rather, Seola’s!  lol.  I still can’t believe the price.  I am a little startled that I did that, especially since I have no idea if we will bond.  I have a lot of hopes and dreams pinned on this poor girl. 

Last night I mulled over my lists of names for her.  Husband thinks I ought to give her a Danish name, I am leaning towards a very simple name, perhaps not traditional at all.  I keep looking at the pink wig, but then I think of her looking real, not ethereal.  In my mind I see her in the auburn bob or the dark brown pixie cut.  There is a photo of Seola on the website with the brown pixie hair, one with long straight hair with bangs and I have an owner photo with a bob.  I have these 3 styles of wigs already, plus two lambs wool.  I also have brown, green, dark grey, plum and I ordered a pair of blue just in case.  These all should be able to create a look for her on short time (I will have to give her a faceup and her look within 5 days).  Yes…..I am dreaming and scheming!

So far, she will have a starter wardrobe that includes about 4 dresses I made, 2 short ready made summer dresses, a pair of capri’s, about 4 dress shoes, a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of sandals.  I have a red flannel nighty for winter, so I guess the only things I need to make are a pair of jeans, shorts and summer tops and a summer nighty and a swim suit.  Oh, and I made a red sweater set, she can have that too.  Of course, only if they all fit. We are going to have so much fun trying on clothes!

Olivia takes to the truck like a duck in water.  She is making us both laugh.  Just taken a few moments ago in Utah:

Olivia and the Bear
Olivia in the Truck Window

Olivia catching a few rays with sun block lotion

The Pig Pad

We are back on the road today.  It was both overwhelming and joyous in my dolly world in the last week.  Strangely, ever since the decision was made, I found myself relaxing, which is something I have not felt in such a long time.  I like this feeling!  No regrets.

It was difficult in some ways, to play with Evie while on hometime.  I spent an entire day with her where I carried her around and even held her during a movie.  I use to do this when it was just her and I.  It had some feelings of remembrance to it, but in other ways, it felt forced.  There were times I almost got a glimpse of her, but mostly, I felt as though I were looking at an old photograph, a moment in time that is now in the past.  She is such a lovely girl.  I can still look at her and smile.  Funny ol’ Evie.  I wish she would come back.  I played with changing her clothes, her wigs, taking photo’s, talking to her, it was just not the same.  I did feel sadness about it.  I suppose one can’t change one’s life so dramatically and expect everything to stay the same.  Perceptions evolve with the changes.

It was not as hard as I thought it would be to pack up Evan and Aloe Vera.  He was always the one attached to Evie, so we didn’t bond.  Aloe Vera represented all my dreams and hopes about retiring in Ireland, so once we changed that dream, she faded for me.  I don’t know why I could let go, there was a time I thought it would never happen.  Yet, these two brought me the money to adopt Dollstown Seola, so what can I say, but that I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to be able to meet my dream child through their departures.  It could never have happened otherwise.

Yesterday, I was able to send the adoption fee to Dollstown and I took a deep breath and thought about what this will all mean to me.  I talked a little about it with my husband, telling him that if she is the one, I would let go of the rest, but he was not really buying it.  Can’t fault him for that, addicts are never believed until their word is proven by time.  So I reflected on that….it is true, I am a dolly addict and seek the pleasure they give me, over and over again.  But I also can see the damage that happens to my sense of well-being, when too many dolls pushes me beyond my own tolerance level. 

As I was packing up what I needed for the truck, I just couldn’t bring myself to bring Audrey or Evie as I had half hoped to.  I realized that just for now, I needed to disconnect a bit, to take a break from them.  I grabbed Olivia the Pig and a few of her things.  I needed a change of pace and one that was cheerful.

Yesterday, before leaving, I took her swimming in our pool:

Yes, Olivia cheers me like no other.  She is completely oblivious to strife and stress.  Even on the truck, she is so easily occupied…bringing her big screen TV and sitting in the luxuriant comfort of her Pig Pad.

Yes, the pillow says, Kiss my tiara.  Sigh.   Husband adores her.