Lots of Photos

Home time is going ok, I guess.  Yesterday I managed to duck into the thrift shop between errands.  I needed the break and the thrill of the hunt.  I was irritated at how high the prices are getting, but that is nothing new.  Now and then, amidst the overpriced junk, I can usually find a few little treasures.  I found an adorable perfect scale teddy bear tea set ($1.99) for Allina and Mikko.  I will have to take a picture later, they are drying after being washed.  I found a large bag of white buttons ($2.99) that had what I thought just a few mother of pearl buttons, but came to find out that 90% were shell buttons and there were some of the tiniest exquisite buttons I have ever seen!  I spent hours today sorting them all out by design and size and then went ahead and sorted all my buttons.  I am so glad I did this, as I found a tiny button with a palm tree and one that had Waikiki on it.  Perfect for when I will make my travel companion’s clothes for our trip.  I also found 2 sets of wooden knitting needles ($1.99) and a leather satchel (5.99) that I can use as my carry on for the plane.  What I really like about it is that it is smaller than the old one I have, but larger than  my daily laptop bag.  It has an easy access front zipper pocket and expanding midsection.  It has a place for my laptop and companion and all the rest I need.  One bag this time instead of two!  At least I hope so!  lol.


The last thing I found was surprising.  Normally this thrift shop doesn’t have much in the way of dolls.  Mostly stuffed animals.  But I saw a leg with a green shoe on it sticking out from the bin of bears.  I recognized the shoe as belonging to Crissy.  Those shoes fit Evie, so I pulled her out and was surprised to see what decent condition she was in, including an original outfit.  But one shoe was missing so I was just about to toss her back when I thought, maybe I should dig around for the shoe, at least try to find it.  Well, I did and so glad I could get these shoes as they are a different style than the other Crissy shoes I have.  She was $4.99, I thought that reasonable for the outfit and shoes.  When I got home I tossed her aside until I could see if she had a resell value on eBay.  Not really, oh well.  Today, I washed her hair, got the tail combed out and checked her mechanisms and she is in excellent working order.  She is the one with the butterfly pull string that makes her upper torso move back and forth, I suppose she is dancing?  I styled her hair and trimmed the excess pieces of long hair off and here she is (any photo can be enlarged by clicking on it):


2011-02-01 001 2011-02-01 002 2011-02-01 003 Her hair rolled up nicely into her head and I think she looks cute with the bob cut that was underneath.  I trimmed the excess off the tail so that her bob is nice and even.  I think when I am on the next home time I will sew up a couple of dresses for her and find a home for her.  In the meantime, she and Evie can meet and perhaps have some fun together.  I will be selling some excess dolly things in March/April, so I will wait until then.  She is really quite a nice doll, I was surprised by her lovely shape, beautiful hands and bright and cheerful face.


Yesterday, I mailed my little visitor back home.  I was able to make 5 or 6 dresses, a chemise, stockings and I re-worked a vintage dress from the 1930’s down to her size and crocheted a cotton dress with matching shoes and knitted a wool dress with angora collar and trim.  Before she left, she said goodbye to my companions:


2011-01-31 001 Evie shared an orange with her.

 2011-01-31 008 Audrey made some pretend cakes on her play stove for her.

2011-01-31 020Miette let her hold her baby brother, Henri.

2011-01-31 026 Saraband let her ride the wooden rocking horse.

2011-01-31 030 She told Jollyann the most wonderful story about a magic jar of lemon drops.

2011-01-31 031


2011-01-31 032 And she finally met Allina’s brother Mikko and had a lovely afternoon with them.


She is now on her way home.  She was the most wonderful little one that I have ever met.  I will miss her very much.


This photo is my favourite of all:

2011-01-31 007