Photostory: It Wasn’t a Very Good Idea

DSC09628 Charlotte: Evie, there is something I have to talk to you about.  I know you really wanted the children to come with you.  But they cannot come along this time.

DSC09625 Oliver:  Yes, yes dear girl, The children have all come down with the measles!  They will have to stay in our care until they are better. 

DSC09614 Evie:  Oh my gosh!  They all have spots!


DSC09615 Hammie:  I fell sick. 

Evie: You sure do look sick too!


Evie: Does it hurt?

Charlotte:  It doesn’t hurt.  But they do have fevers and chills and cannot go anywhere for many weeks.

DSC09618 Evie:  Well this is just so sad!  I hope they all feel better. 

DSC09624 Oliver:  They will, Evie.  We have plenty of Sugar pills! (winking)


DSC09619 Evie: (sniffling)  Now I have no one to play with!


Photostory: Who’s Idea Was It?

DSC09485 Hammie:  Evie wants someone to come with her on the truck, it should be me! 

Audrey:  No, ME!

DSC09486 Evie:  You are both too little to come on the truck.  You’ll just get in the way.

DSC09487 Audrey:  But we have been on the truck lots of times!  Lots more than you!

DSC09491 Hammie: Yeah!  We could show you all the secret hiding places!

DSC09493 Hammie: (whispering)

I’ll give you six marbles and a coloring book if you let us come with you!

DSC09494 Hammie: …..and you can play crummy ol dolls with Audrey!

DSC09495Audrey:  Pretty please? (kisses Evie on her head)

DSC09496 Hammie:  You are making Audrey cry! 

Evie: I haven’t said a word.  I can’t make her cry.  You guys are just trying to get me to say yes.

DSC09498 Evie:  I don’t want you to be sad, Audrey, but I don’t want you guys in my stuff all the time.

DSC09499 Audrey: I PROMISE, I cross my toes and everything….I won’t touch your stuff!

DSC09501 Evie:  Okay, you can come with me.

Hammie: I don’t believe it!  I thought you were gonna say no!!

DSC09503 Evie: who is that?

Pandy:  I am me.  Where is everyone going?

DSC09504 Hammie:  That’s Pandy.  She can’t see.

Evie: Another kid?  How many more are there?

Audrey.  just us.

DSC09505 Evie:  (sighing) Ok, you can come too. 

DSC09508 Hammie:  (whispering) See, Pandy I told you we could talk her into it!