Pernille is safe and sound

I just received a comment from the woman who won the auction for Pernille.  I was so pleased that she was enjoying her so much.  It really made me feel happy that Pernille found a wonderful home!


Evie Arrived Today

It was really something.  Like opening a box for a new doll! 


What amazed me at first was how she curled up in my hands, how smooth and malleable she was.  Yorik is strung very tightly and is new and stiff.  But Evie is looser and I really felt in awe at how she just molded to my hands.  I feel like I have forgotten what a bjd feels like!

I never liked the wig she had on, so I was glad to see that Yorik’s 3 wigs came today too.  The one my husband sent was Hammie’s wig and too small for Evie…however it fit Yorik perfectly!  I didn’t like how the new wigs fit her either, and tried the human hair wig that I made for Yorik.  It was too big for him and fit her perfectly.  So until I come up with the right look for her, I am happy with the black.

DSC05763 I had cut in some bangs and gluing the wig down.

I had to weigh Pernille for someone in Russia, so I introduced them.  Wow, again, I was startled by the differences between them. In colouring, in size, in weight, it was like Evie was a little sparrow and Pernille was an elephant.  lol.  They are only 2 inches apart in height.

DSC05672DSC05681 In fact, being next to Pernille, Evie looked jaundiced with a slight hue of green.  Had Evie yellowed or was there just too much contrast between them? 

Next to Yorik, she is nearly the same size as him.

DSC05724 Here she is trying on one of his wigs but it made her look so much older.  Her head is larger than Yorik’s.  His wig was just washed and is wet in this photo. It won’t look so slick when dry.

DSC05727 I was on my bed, so I could not test the height thing yet, but she will not look like a young child next to him.  I knew they wouldn’t because I knew they had different wig sizes.  I had not planned on them interacting, so I am not sure if this will be a concern or not.  But as I mentioned, they are the same scale.

Husband sent two gifts to Yorik, a rife and a fishing pole!

DSC05705 DSC05708 I love it! 

DSC05769 it really is so nice to see her again.  She seems a bit tired after her long flight, so I will put her to bed early.


This is of course, late at night and with flash, but I am so enchanted or something about these eyelashes and I don’t know what it is.  In one way, it seems to make her yet older, there’s more there in her eyes, like wisdom, it’s strange.  I think the flash takes away the look, I will try for a couple tomorrow in natural light.

Before without eyelashes:

DSC04015 DSC04674 After

I know I can’t be imagining it, but it’s like she looks right into my eyes with understanding or comprehension.

DSC04684 DSC04686

DSC04687 Is it my imagination?  Didn’t these simple pair of eyelashes bring her a whole new look?  I think it took away the wall-eyed look, made her focus more.  What do you think?

Tongues, Music and Royalty

Oh my, lots to catch up on.

Pernille’s little dog got his eyes, a pink heart nose and even a tongue:


And I finally got tiny screws to fix a thrift shop find:

DSC04648 This is a photo holder, but the lid does close. I put a background on it:

DSC04651 Pernille has been listening to Peter and the Wolf all afternoon!

DSC04646 I found a crown for her, and she wants to be a Queen for Halloween.  I went ahead and bought some fabric to make a Queen’s gown:

DSC04653 You can’t see it well here, it is a sheer silky gold and rose print, gold fabric and tulle, gold ribbon and cut glass buttons.  I picked up eyelashes to try on Pernille, which I put on her last night.  It really changes how she looks and I was actually startled by the look.  I am not sure yet whether to keep them or leave her bare eyed, which I actually like.  The lashes give her older eyes.  I will give it a couple of days tryout and get a photo soon.  Then there is black paint to fix up Frank’s dressing room. I have the Hanna Montana case soaking to remove all the girly stickers.  I will then paint it black and I have some accent paint for details.

I am getting better and better at leaving many of the finds behind in the store, but the record player and crown were musts.  I plan on using the gold fabric for Frank’s pink velvet sofa too, although I have no idea how to set about doing it just yet.

DSC04647 Here is Pernille’s wallet with passport and airline tickets.  I want to make an ID for the holder.  I am so tickled with it.

I bought longer screws for her bed, now it is as tight and solid.  I completely forgot to look at varnish though, it slipped my mind.  I do want to give it protection eventually.  Antique white paint for the wardrobe, but I could not find the periwinkle paint for the table and chair set.  So I have lots of little projects to do, photo’s will come as they get done.

Pernille’s New Old Bed

Her bed came today and I am very pleased.  It is old, needs some minor work, but all in all, a very excellent bed.

DSC04545 The seller sent it wrapped up in two cardboard sheets and brown wrapping paper, the end was open and would not have made it another day.  I was unhappy about that, as I think this caused a few cracks.  But I was pleased to see that the bed unassembled will be easy to take with me to England.  It needs a good polishing and although it came with screws, I need to get longer ones to make the screws fit tight again.

DSC04546 DSC04547

Last weekend I had found some wooden slats to make a canvas frame, these I used for the bed slats, I forgot to take a photo of it assembled.  I do see there was once wheels on the bottom of the legs, but one leg is missing the end piece on one side, so I would not be able to put wheels on in the traditional way.  I will look at wheel options, although it wouldn’t be necessary.  I may look for metal end caps to make it look better.  The side wood pieces need to be spaced better and glued. 

DSC04549 It is a perfect size for Pernille!  Plenty of room.  I need to make a mattress for her and a pillow. 

DSC04548  I love the look of it.  A good cleaning and revarnish and it will look fabulous.  I may put her name on the foot board too!

DSC04551 Oh, and a handmade (well made too) came with the bed.  It is really nice and thick.

DSC04553 I love how the headboard is high and she can rest against it.

DSC04554 It’s hard to see the scale of it, here it is across the room.

A New Dress

Pernille is set to go into Honolulu with me today.  She has on her new Hawaiian dress that I made, which is in a muumuu style with ruffled lace.  She has her purse and rice paper umbrella too!

DSC04542 DSC04514

DSC04524 I wanted to show of photo of how the AG shoes fit her so much better now.  I have ordered a few more AG shoes after selling a vintage Japanese jewelry box. 

While looking for buttons to close up the back I found something in my sewing basket that I had completely forgotten as a option on Pernille’s clothing!  A ZIPPER!  I had a zipper that was light blue and fit 3/4 of the length of her dress, wow!  I have sewn for such small ones for so long that standard zippers were just not an option.  I was so happy about this.  I now wished I had grabbed the bagged up zippers I saw in the thrift shop last week.  They were all new, about 20 of them for $2.99.  Sigh.

In other news, Joanie Claire is on her way to St Petersburg, Russia.  What an adventure awaits her!  I am so happy she is going to a wonderful home full of love and happiness.