Playing Again!

teacakes 022

I absolutely LOVE this photo.  When I took all of these photo’s, it was just to experiment and I had no other intention than to just grab a few and post a tiny story.  I had no idea’s, I just took pictures to see how the room looked and the lighting effects with sepia tint.  What I got was a playful story that seemed to grow in a way that I did not expect.

Look at that bear!  I found her in a thrift shop ages ago.  I am not overly fond of stuffed animals, but I thought the tiny size would be fine as a doll’s teddy bear.  And she was to be Rosey’s bear, but she is coming out in a way that I did not expect.  The interplay between them makes me light up with playfulness.  How a tiny bear can have so much expression just amazes me.  Today, as I was putting the remaining photo’s together for Rosey’s story blog, I noticed that the conversations came easy and I sensed a direction that this can all go in. 

I cannot help but be influenced by fairy-tales and children’s story books.  These tales are all imbedded in our brains, I am sure.  So there will mostly likely be touches of this story and that, as it really is never truly about the story, but about the relationships.  I know the story of them waking up to all the ‘’stuff’ was a touch of the Little Princess, but it was a heck of a lot easier than finding an explanation for it.  In a way, this is how children play anyways, taking a story they know and ad lib’ing.   I was so entranced with Mary Poppins when it first came out that I insisted on playing Bert the chimney sweep on our school playground.  My friends and I had so much fun making up the story as we went along, it did not matter if it was true to the original story or not.

I see Meredith taking on a strong lead, a sort of parental role over Rosey which will not be easy as Rosey is so much larger than her.  Of course, it is not that Meredith Bear is stodgy, she herself has a weakness for a books and stories and wants to believe in the magic as much as Rosey does.  But she wants Rosey to grow up properly and I see that this will be the contention between them as Rosey has no intention of growing up!

One of the downsides to story telling is finding the right presentation.  I have usually been the narrator, writing the story and bits of dialogue beneath the photo.  That is one way to do it.  The thing is, that anymore, I don’t feel the story is within me to tell.  Playing around with the text balloons is an approach that is growing on me.  It allows the photo to stand on it’s own, even if separated from the story.   It is a bit more free flowing in that multiple conversations or thoughts can happen at the same time.  Today, I discovered another direction, that is the audience participation, by having Meredith Bear do an aside as they use to call it in the theatre.  For me, that is pulling ‘’me’’ (or you) into the story.  I am not just the viewer, but pulled into their world.  I took the above close-up of Meredith Bear to test the camera, but oh, how she came alive in that moment!  I think it will be fun for Meredith to get so frustrated that the direction she is trying to take with Rosey gets shared with the viewer.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, I will let it all play itself as it comes about.  That’s the fun of playing with dolls! (…and bears!)


Backstage of Rosey’s Room

2012-10-26 0022012-10-26 004

I love the early morning, after husband goes to work and Rosey joins me at my desk.

Whew!  I spent all day photographing two story lines, then spent all evening preparing them to publish.  I finally designed a watermark I liked, one I can use on all my photo’s (not just dolly ones) and discovered how I can batch mark my photo’s in one fell swoop.  However, I also discovered that while I thought I had been clever in watermarking as the first step, I soon saw that I could no longer use the book shape filter as it cut off the watermark.  I now know that I can change the setting for moving the watermark up next time, but it is ruining the consistency I am trying to achieve in the look and presentation of Rosey’s Room and her stories.  I am learning though how to do things in a different way and that is part of the fun for me.

That, aside, I am still trying to narrow down the font situation, because I have very limited space for wording, attaching the verbiage to the photo instead of writing.  I want the font to indicate who is speaking.  I already messed up for forgetting to change the storyline font from Meredith bear’s font on the first few chapters.  Sigh.  I think I need to write up a cheat sheet so I can stay consistent.  I decided it would be too much to have a font for each doll, so only Rosey and Meredith bear have their speaking fonts, and since the rest will always be a story told by Meredith bear, it can be a book type font. 

The Lost Crown has 12 chapters, one for each of the next 12 days.  I broke the simple story down to about 4 photo’s a day, to keep from getting too long winded as I am want to do.  After that will come the next storyline of Jones and Madeira, which I need to rework a bit to Rosey’s Room, as I deleted Thistleshire.

I took all of the photo’s of the Lost Crown on my husband’s shelf where he has his swords, a statue of Robert the Bruce, and the brass crown my dad made for my husband as a joke, where I crowned him the King of my heart many years ago.  The shelf is up high, so it is wonderfully easy for me to photograph.  Husband saw the dolls there when he got home and said they could stay, he thought it looked fun.  I was surprised by that one!  He also noticed Rosey’s room all walled up and teased me all evening about how I had gotten rid of most of my doll stuff for the move and it seems to be building back up again.  I tried to look as innocent as I could.

I Have An Idea

This photo gave me the idea….

2012-10-01 039

Rosey and Meredith Bear looked like they were having a wonderful conversation.  As I continued to enjoy the photo, I noticed in the background there was the doll shelves reflecting in the mirror.

All these dolly conversations going on.  I had thought that Thistleshire would be the storyland (inside the flat and occasionally outside) but the amount of work and the set up with multiple characters is just not what I want to get involved with.  But there on the shelf…..conversations are going on and I wonder if maybe, just maybe without moving anyone, a few whispers could be recorded. 

Since that mirror is close enough for Rosey to peer into, I wonder if maybe she could share the fun she perceives happening through the looking glass with her bear.  It might be a fun challenge for me to have something form from a very limited range, where it is not the shelved dolls posing, but what they are talking about when no one is looking. 

I will experiment with the idea.  If I like it, and it is fun to do, I will post it.

Name Change and Roller skates

First, we both decided on a name change. Lilly is a wonderful name, but as we are heading back to Denmark and none of my companions have ever had a true Danish name, we chose Pernille.  It was quite by accident, my oldest grandson is interested in learning Danish, so I have been teaching him and found this website that will help him too:

You can hear how Pernille is pronounced.

And then the roller skates.  Pernille was so adamant this morning to try on her roller skates even though I thought she wasn’t ready yet. 

DSC04482  Pernille leaned against Ryah’s toy kitchen to steady herself.  The carpet helped, it wasn’t quite as slippery as the floor.

DSC04485  “I think I can do it!” she said.

DSC04478 She got a little more brave, taking it slow, pushing one skate forward and then positioning her crutches to balance.  I don’t believe I have seen any one on crutches skate before!

DSC04488 “Maybe some day I can skate outside like the other children”.  It was slow going, but she managed quite well!

DSC04489 “Don’t worry so!” she kept telling me. 

DSC04492 At last she made it to the door.  She watched the cars go by, watched the birds looking for food.

DSC04493 Then I heard her sigh.  Something pink caught her eye.  “I wonder” she said wistfully, “how that smells”.

DSC04494  “Well, then”, I said, “we shall find out!”  I opened the door for Pernille, and she skated right over to the flower without falling down even once!

DSC04496 “It’s so pretty! But this one doesn’t have any smell to it!”

DSC04497 I lifted her up to another flower, but it didn’t have any smell either.  “Oh well” she said, “at least I got to go outside for a little while!”