Ever Evie

It’s a really strange time for me right now.  I so rarely have time to do as I please, in fact so rare I get pretty irritable with it.  Yesterday I was finally able to sew and made two pillow case dresses for Evie.  Her eyes had become cross-eyed, so I took the time to wash, condition and curl her brown human hair wig and put in some eyelashes in a soft auburn that I had leftover from Pernille.  It felt so good to spend time with Evie.

DSC06634 DSC06637

When I was putting her eyes back in, they automatically shifted to the side and I really liked the look of it.  I didn’t have to adjust them at all.  He hair turned out really nice and while I really like the pale blonde mohair, it was already getting the cotton candy syndrome.  Evie is much too active for such fussy hair.

DSC06641 DSC06644

I always get such a kick out of Evie’s ability to change her age.  It’s all in the wig and lashes.  No lashes, short hair, she looks about 6-7 years old.  Long hair and lashes and her age increases to 12 years.  This is without changing her face up at all.  With the two long dresses I made, she looks so much like she did back when I was making her adult age 18th century clothes.  I may be exploring this a bit more.  I’ll have to post photo’s later, as my battery is too low.  I love being able to see Evie at so many different ages.  I never had a companion that stayed the same personality throughout the different looks, including a different body as Evie has.  I can change her looks and her age, but I cannot change Evie.

DSC06636 Time is passing and we are getting closer to the time I will leave, mostly likely 2 1/2 months from now.  I am nervous in so many ways, it will be quite an experience to pack the essentials.  Some days I am sure I will be ok to do it, other days I wonder if I can.  Moments like this make me cling to Evie.


Lilly’s First Dress

I made Lilly’s first dress, made from a vintage blue percale pillow case.  The fabric has a nice sheen to it and nice weight.  I knew when I saw it, I wanted a blue dress with a white apron.

I haven’t decided on whether to add embroidery on the dress, keep it plain and let the apron do it’s magic or make the dress have something interesting.

I used AG Kirsten’s apron dress pattern, adding a wide band to the sleeve as Lilly has 1/3 arms.  I noticed that her 1/3 leg fabric skin showed with the short length of the dress, so I tested a stocking I made and that worked fine and I will try and find some interesting ladies trouser socks to make more stocking with.  For now I only have grey and black.  At least these have a nice small scale pattern in the sock.

I really liked how the shoulders bowed out on the pattern and it gave the bodice a really Victorian look.  I will definitely be using this bodice pattern again, and I will lengthen the sleeve pattern piece for the future.  So far, AG bodice patterns fit Lilly perfectly.  All I need to do is add a bit of length to sleeves and dresses and most likely the pants too.  But around the body, it’s the right fit.  Most of Lilly’s sleeves will be 3/4 length because if the sleeve is to the wrist, it makes her hands look too small.  That will be ok with sweaters, jackets and such, but I think dresses will stay at 3/4.  I think little bracelets will be fun to make too!  Dress length is going to vary depending on the pillow case design.  I do want to try and not have overly long dresses, but she has fabric skin knees and will need them covered for the most part.

This was sewn at night, I need to press it yet, but I am still debating on the finishing touches. 

2011-07-13 0032011-07-13 0052011-07-13 007 Today I will be making the apron from a curtain.