The travel Trunk

I just about finished Ane Thea’s Travel Trunk.  It turned out exactly how I envisioned it, and I was so thrilled to find a fabric that not only has the same colours of the carpeting, but a trim that matched as well, giving it all a timeless look, not modern, not old fashioned but just right for a Pixie.  The neutral colours will not over take the photo’s but will fade into the background when Ane Thea is in her room.  I had thought strong colours would work, but now I realize how much better a quiet theme works for her:

2011-04-02 002 Click to enlarge the photo’s for details.

Here the mattress was too thick, now that I made a wooden bunk base that was raised.


2011-04-02 003 I stuck little travel-themed posters on her wall.  This is pretty much hidden from view, which makes it fun.  Not only did I end up with polka dot fabric and ball trim, the wallpaper was polka dot too!  It was in the pack of scrapbook papers I bought, I had not even considered using it until I saw the potential with the fabric.


2011-04-02 004 Everything is glued down or nailed down solid.  The drawers, the desk and the base of the bed.  I added brown shimmer powder to the unstained wood to tone it down and blend in with the other colours.  It gave it a bit of an aged look.


2011-04-02 007 A close up of the carpet…I just love this.  It is so soft for her bare feet, so elegant, but not too fussy.


2011-04-02 008 I have been gluing travel decals on the outside, today I will be giving it a couple of coats of varnish. 


2011-04-02 016 Ane Thea loves her room.  Here you can see that I cut the mattress in half and it sits just right down into the bed base.  She can lay full length, with room to spare.  The mattress fits snugly, so I can add a ribbon and tie it around her waist when we travel, or I can fit the chairs and table up there and she can ride in her water bottle carrier.  Not sure yet how I will work all this out for the travel day.  I decided to send one more box to Hawaii, I may just send the furniture ahead.


I had bought a set of glasses for her, and I LOVE her in these:

2011-04-01 025  I need to set up a Flickr account for her and start her adventure soon!


Rock of Gibraltar

I continue to thoroughly enjoy my PD Elf Renee, who is now Ane Thea Ema Bia. A handful of wonderment.  We are certainly getting to know each other and I think I have found a little something that missing in my dolly world.  I am not even really sure what it is that feels different, but I feel it. 


The more I look at her, the more I cannot wait to get home and experiment.  I have some wonderful sewing projects too, more clothes for Ophelia, and it looks like I will be making a body for a china head and a starter wardrobe.  I still have Lizzy, the shoulder head doll that I found in a thrift shop, that had staring eyes and a gorgeous red mohair updo.  I had packed her up for a sale quite a while ago and forgotten about her.  Well, now my idea is to make the same body for her as the visiting china head and then I will have a “model” for her and have fun creating that French Fashion look I have been wanting to play with.  I think this time I will replace those eyes with better ones.  Her face paint is lovely and her sculpt is quite antique looking.  She is a reproduction, but will fit the bill of a French fashion for fun.  lol.


But what my little Pixie’s style is, is still unknown.  While it is fun that she can wear Ken pants and stretchy Barbie tops, there is not enough variety there.  I know the Ken sandals fit, but I have no idea if the shoes fit.  I know that my Large Moona (Aloe Vera) could wear the Ken shoes, but I do believe that Ane Thea’s feet are slightly bigger.  Until I am sure of her style, I do not want to invest in shoes for her.  I also think that our year in Hawaii, she isn’t really going to need shoes, so I may just get a couple of Ken sandals and leave it at that.  Which also makes me think that clothes are probably a moot point with living in Hawaii.  Sun dresses, shorts and tops are all that any of them wear.  Guess it won’t be hard to clothe her.  lol. 


2011-02-16 019 Here I am sitting on the top bunk and she is sitting on my knee.  That is how well balanced she is, she never topples on me.  She can even stand on a box on a bed, not the most steady thing when I am sitting next to her:

2011-02-16 018 

And setting her down while I am on the computer or knitting, she is as steady as a rock:

2011-02-16 021 2011-02-16 022

I have to admit, she is right there with my little Audrey as the best poser, the best balanced bjd I have ever had.

Pencil Faceup Orange Sandals

We stopped at a Walmart yesterday and I bought a pencil!  I was lucky to find a #2 that was already sharpened, so that it would be soft enough to be dark. While I didn’t have much control over the size of the lead (it was a thick pencil made for a child to hold) I just wanted a taste of thicker, darker eyes and eyebrows.  I “see” her this way and until I get home again, I can play with the shape of the brows until I find exactly her look.

2011-02-13 036 It was very difficult to get a flash photo that didn’t leave a shine on one brow or the other from the reflection in the graphite. The brow on the left is exactly how I would like the one on the right to be.  I put her waterfall eyes in, to see the stark contrast and I could instantly see how these eyes with the white wig would look great together as probably the black wig and black eyes will, but perhaps the opposite could work too.


2011-02-13 047 Thicker, darker brows give her the more mature look too which is important. 


2011-02-13 052 I see that darker lips will be necessary, I would love to create deeply blushed lips without a lipstick look.  I also think just a bit darker around the eyes, smoky in appearance would be right, using plum and browns.  I am so glad I got a hold on a pencil to at least see the potential.

2011-02-13 053 I also bought a Ken swim/beach shorts, shirt and sandals package, the sandals and the visor fit her perfectly.  She is not the visor type, but the sandals were such a perfect fit and do not slip off that I will be keeping an eye out for more in the future.  I bought the Ken outfit for another doll I have, but looks like the sandals are definitely hers!  I am sure the clothes would have fit her, but I don’t want to try them on, they are too boyish.  Oh, and posing?  I am finding out just how thrilling it is to handle her, how natural she flows and moves.  Such a tiny little Diva!


2011-02-13 019


2011-02-13 055  I have to say, Ane Thea Ema Bia is really blossoming!

Enjoying my PD

I continue to enjoy my Planetdoll Renee, who has revealed to me a very long name, but all short and easy to remember, it even has a rhyming sound to it, Ane (pronounced ana) Thea Ema Bia.  She is so full of personality and so very different than my other companions, as I suppose Pixies ought to be.  I continue to marvel over her fabulous movements, her posing ability and her delightful feel in the hand.  Her smallness is not too small, just right for traveling, for keeping her with me, for finding fun things for (1:6 scale).  She definitely sparks my imagination, but in a different way than say, Allina or Miette, so I don’t feel as though I am replacing anyone, or making a choice of one over the other.


The thing that is bugging me right now about her is that I cannot change her faceup.  I “see” a certain face and look in her, but I cannot produce it yet.  I am glad I gave her a hint of colour before leaving, but it is not her at all.  She is not soft and whispery, she is bold and outgoing, such a perky little thing.  I did buy one more wig yesterday, just because it was a nice snow white and with the black one I have already bought, something should spark as suitable to her style.  Bold and direct.  I guess in many ways she is Aloe Vera and Fiddy and Mimosa all rolled into one.  I like that very much, because each of those dolls were so incredibly small that I worried more about losing them than I could enjoy them!


The one thing I don’t have on the truck this time around is a simple pencil!  If I did, I could play around with eyebrow shapes.  I have asked a couple of truck stop clerk for one, but no one seems to use them anymore.  Hopefully we will be able to go to a Walmart soon and I can get one.  Looking at her as she is now seems like I am looking at a blank mask.  The blue eyes are not working either, they need to be black or the waterfall…I can’t wait to see how the black and white wigs work with the light and dark eyes! 

greenshot_2011-02-13_09-25-27 greenshot_2011-02-13_09-26-17  eyes are actually an ice-white, not creamy.

greenshot_2011-02-05_11-07-33  greenshot_2011-02-05_11-08-23

Well, all I can do is muse until I get home.  Sigh.  I haven’t even begun to think of shoes yet!

I stand Corrected

I spent most of yesterday pouring over potential names, nothing came that seemed even remotely right.  Even so, we continue to get to know each other and her voice is now beginning to be heard, rather poignantly.  One thing I stood corrected on with no uncertain terms, is that she is indeed a PIXIE and that she is not to be compared to, or thought of as, a fairy or as an elf, as they are different races altogether.  Well, I knew that, and it wasn’t me that mistook her for an elf, I reminded her that the company that released her claimed the elf-hood.  My, I can see I have a feisty one on my hands!  it took me an hour of apologies for having written Elf Renee on my correspondence when it wasn’t her name nor her being.


Anyways, this was important for me to know, as the ideas I have about her traveling with me are often being corrected to HER ideas of traveling in style, and tsk-ing my ideas right out the window is coming more vehemently as her voice strengthens.  She says I keep treating her like a HUMAN and that is not acceptable.  So while she is being tolerant in being dressed in ill fitting fashion clothes for the time being, she is expecting to have a decent PIXIE wardrobe as soon as possible.  She is sitting up on my bunk, drawing out suitable designs as I am completing this entry.


While she is not here guiding my writing, I can say what “I” think!  I love her creamy tan skin.  It’s not a brown skin, nor does it have any warmth of the sun to it, like Audrey has.  It is a pale creamy beige.  It suits her. It brings out a softness to her lovely face.  I only wish I could finish her to her upcoming look, it is then that I think a name will come and we can move beyond this suspended time or the wrong wig and the wrong faceup.  I have decided that if the black hair and eyes do not work (or a trade with Miette’s violet eyes) that we will simply head up to DDE and try on wigs and eyes until we get it right.  It seems we cannot get past the clothing issue, the era issue until we have her sense of self established.  And I cannot help her experiment while on the truck!


Yesterday, I was able to take some photo’s of her outside the truck, but they are more descriptive of her than any photo I have taken so far, so I decided to create another blog about the experience of being with her.  As it is so simple to merge blogs I will merge Allina’s blog with this one so I can keep the number of blogs I have out there limited.  I will be working on that today and will post links as soon as it is all done.


For now:

2011-02-07 001  I just wanted to share that I found a tiny set of kitchen stuff that works perfect in her scale at a truck stop of all places and for only $2.39! Happiness!

NO Name yet

2011-02-06 008 2011-02-06 013

Today she looked like Elly Mae Clampett. lol


2011-02-06 009 2011-02-06 010

We went over a list of names today, nothing seemed quite right.  We considered these names:


Arden – sincere
Ballou – outspoken
Coco – Spunky
Corby – dark raven
Deanie – Leader
Larby – free woman
Liora -Light
Lorelei – Siren
Mairin – Star of the Sea
Mallory- spunky, tough minded
Malu – Hawaiian – peaceful
Marin – ocean loving
Marett – star of the sea
Melusine – honey bee
Meris – ocean loving
Naia – Hawaiian for water nymph
Nilsine – wine, ages well
Oanna – Hawaiian for oceanic
Oddrun – secret love
Odessa – traveler on an odyssey

Since I see her very different than her current appearance, it’s hard to pick a name.  I see her this way:

greenshot_2011-02-06_10-14-33 greenshot_2011-02-06_10-19-45

greenshot_2011-02-06_10-22-17  One of my favourite actresses, Jean Seberg.  I see her as she was in Bonjour Tristesse and in Breathless. 


2011-02-06 0212011-02-06 027


She is beginning to blossom.

Barbie Clothes for Mini PD

Last night, I sat with my little PD, trying on Barbie clothes that I had brought.  Sorry that the photo’s are so blurry, I didn’t want to waste my camera battery with flash, so many are blurry as the camera desperately tried to soak up enough light.


More vintage clothes and fits:


2011-02-05 036 First, I removed her wig to add the pink eyelashes I had, but they were too pink for her hair colour.  Before replacing her eyes, I tried on her default blue acrylics.  We agreed to try them for awhile.  I glued her wig back on and she is holding it to set, while I dig through the pile of Barbie clothes.


2011-02-05 041 I love her body and it’s ability to pose.  So natural and easy.  Her and Audrey are now my favourite of all BJD’s I have held, in their ability to pose and have a lovely natural flow in their movements.


2011-02-05 042  2011-02-05 045This dress looks better than the actual fit.  The wig helps lend to an old fashioned appearance, but we both know it is not her in spirit.  I am glad I got a chance to see this in her.  The bust is huge and would take some tucking to fix, but since I know it is not her, I will not change the dress and save it for the two Barbie’s I do have.


2011-02-05 0472011-02-05 049 This skirt fit like a glove.  The top was fine, but needs to go with capri pants, as the skirt made the top bunch up.  It was very loose fitting.  A vintage black label top.


2011-02-05 052 Here you can see how the chest area just is too big.  Easy to fix, but I want to be sure not to fix anything she will not wear.  Cute shirt, but unfortunately it has little black dot stains on it.


2011-02-05 053 2011-02-05 056 Sleeves too long, sleeves too tight in the wrist.  I am not sure if the purple top belongs to Ken, otherwise I cannot figure out why the sleeves are so long.  It also had snaps for a closure, so may be it belongs to another doll besides Barbie.  It is fuller in the torso, would need adjusting.  The vintage blue dress (1970’s) would fit if it weren’t for the wrists.  This happened with all the clothes that was made of non stretch fabrics from the 70’s.  Stretchy fabric from that time period fit fine.


2011-02-05 058 2011-02-05 059  These velour trousers fit perfectly.  They are probably Ken pants.  Snap closure.  However, I keep finding that I have to sew up the bottom!  lol.  These are a keeper for her.


2011-02-05 062  A blue thermal top fit, although it was way too large across the shoulders.  I make a quick tack with a couple of stitches, but because I like it on her, I will fix it correctly.  She looked warm and comfortable.  She is not happy with her hair either.  She doesn’t want to have to care for it.  She is looking forward to trying on the short black wig I bought:


greenshot_2011-02-05_11-07-33  greenshot_2011-02-05_11-08-23I just get a feeling that she will be “right” with black hair and eyes, heavy brows.  I see her as being a spunky little pixie, not an old fashioned dreamer.  I don’t want the fashion model look, but something more perky and mischievous looking.


2011-02-06 002 When the sun isn’t shining, she sits her, strapped in and able to watch everything.  Today is NAMING DAY.  I brought my Big Book of 60,000 Baby Names, so the hunt is one.  Trying on the Barbie clothes has helped me decide on a possible style for her. 


Close up of blue eyes:

2011-02-06 006  They are 8mm, but I wonder if 6mm wouldn’t look more natural and in proportion?  Miette’s eyes might work too, she has Violet, I will experiment when I get home in March.  I think this wig would be great for Miette too.