Travel Doll Possibility

Last day of hometime.  Back on the truck tomorrow morning.


I made a decision, where I have to say I have no idea if it will come to anything or not.  I want to continue to sew for Deborah’s lovely girl and I so enjoyed her size for hand sewing.  She was a delightful handful.  I studied and research every kind of same-sized doll out there, even trying for that sweet antique doll, but the only one that truly is the closest, was a Planetdoll mini.


Denver had a few available, so I sat and thought about it.  She would be a perfect model, everything appears to be the same measurement, except the torso is a bit thicker.  Deborah sent me this comparison photo;

IMG_4873 (Large)  That is a Tonner Marley, Ophelia and Planetdoll Mini.  The leg, arm and shoulder height matches.  So as a model, she would work just fine.  I thought about the size and the possibility of travel, and she is perfect.  But I have to say, with my dolly angst as it is these days, I really don’t want a substitute doll (she is not Ophelia or her ilk) and I am so reluctant to bring in a new personality.


Yet, a few things are very much in her favour.  I have mentioned this before, but having to chose a companion from loved ones is actually harder than just taking a new one.  In that way, I am not dealing with who to leave behind and the sadness that goes with it. All my dolls are now on equal footing, they will simply wait for my return.  I have Miette’s trunk that will work as a travel doll house, all Barbie size things work in scale, and so does the re-ment I have that I haven’t been able to play with for a long time as they are all adult types of foods, while Audrey and Hammie have the Japanese eraser foods that work so well for them.  So in that way, I am not needing to invest in a whole new scale or stuff.  Also, she is in my mind an adult.  Perhaps someone to talk to and confide in at the end of a day filled with children?  Being an elf keeps her in a fantasy realm and allows for more creativity than just caring for a human companion?  Just thinking out loud of the benefits. Time will tell.


I took the plunge an bought a Planetdoll Mini Elf Renee.  She was available in tan skin, so I thought this would be great for Hawaii too.  Since DDE is so quick in mailing, I got a notice that she arrived at my parents yesterday (next day delivery from Denver!) and I will go and pick her up this afternoon.  I wasn’t sure until late yesterday that she would arrive in time, so I didn’t allow myself to get too excited about it, as I thought that perhaps I would meet her in March when I return.  But here she is, and I can take her on this last truck run.


I spent my afternoon yesterday sorting through all the re-ment I had, putting the different meals in small plastic ziplock bags, adding little knives and forks to the package so that they would be complete in themselves and I wouldn’t have to hunt through all the re-ment to find something in particular.  I searched on eBay and of all things, I found 3 sets of Hawaiian meals!  Including a fab Hawaiian airline meal!  This just seemed to cinch the whole idea that this little tanned elf would be a great traveler and be able to participate in a fun way with my own journey.


greenshot_2011-02-01_15-13-16 greenshot_2011-02-01_15-14-02

greenshot_2011-02-01_15-14-48 This is the only splurge I have done for her, I really want to invest more creative time with her needs.  I am thinking about re-doing Miette’s trunk in a Hawaiian theme, if I can find soft vintage wallpaper, and fabrics for the bedding.  Eventually I will get another trunk for Miette, as I really like her room set up.


Today will be busy with laundry and getting everything ready for the truck.  I will post photo’s of her tonight or tomorrow depending on all the timing.  I have to say I am hesitant and reserved about her, I am not sure this is, in the end the right choice, but I am open to the possibility.  If we don’t bond, she will become a model mannequin for Ophelia.  I have plenty of time in March/April to make the final decision.  I can’t wait to see how the new wigs will look on Audrey an Hammie too, if they also arrived.