A Crown and Sceptre

We had a Spanish wine with dinner tonight that had gold wire wrapped around it.  A crown had to be made!

2012-08-24 053 I had a chatelaine with tiny keys and a mirror and ball with jewels.  Perfect for Princess Rosebud.

2012-08-24 069 I made her a double strand necklace, a crown, a sceptre and attached the keys to her waist.

2012-08-24 0672012-08-24 071

She looks like a tiny Queen! 


Princess Rosebud’s Duds

I tried to crochet with fine silk thread.  It was impossible.  I moved up to silky tapestry thread and that was actually too thick.  I had nothing in-between.  Sigh.

So as I played with it and it was becoming a joke, I thought I would set it aside and give it a creative think.  Rosebud has only one good leg (and a half leg).  I thought maybe I could use the bulk of the crochet and some stiff lace and make a 1880’s style dress that could get her to stand!


2012-08-24 002 If the dress stands on it’s own, surely it could keep the Princess up!

2012-08-24 032 And it did!  Oh, she looks so lovely!  I have or had a tiny crown, I haven’t seen it yet if it still is in the myriad of my dolly accessories bags.  I wish I had it now, she would be so regal looking.

2012-08-24 020 I shaped up the bustle and gathered the stiff lace to hold it out and give Rosebud the support she needs.

2012-08-24 0412012-08-24 044

2012-08-24 0432012-08-24 045

This is a little antique lead dog I found in a bag of toys from a thrift shop.  Only recently I discovered he had a slit in his mouth so he can hold a piece of paper.

Now I know how to work a dress for her.  At 3 1/2 inches tall, she is a challenge for these big hands of mine.  I also wish I could paint her eyes and lips, but her tiny features are out of my realm.  It is a shame, as she has finely defined features.

2012-08-24 011

Rosey’s Bed

2012-08-15 017 Rosey’s bed came today.  It was fine in the size, she can lay full length in it.  I had to repair a hole to the mattress, but that took only a minute to sew a patch on.  I put on the antique linens I had, everything was so sweet! (excuse my bed, the sheets are being washed!)

And just for fun…with no dryer or Laundromat in town,  the wash has to hang up inside.

2012-08-15 001 I only hang the bedding in the main room, our clothes are hung in the bathroom.

 2012-08-15 019The bed is quite old, has been not-so-well painted a light pink colour. By and by I will repaint it and add roses on the head and footboard. There is a nice centre panel for that.

2012-08-15 005I have no place to put it, so for now, it will have to be under my sewing table and next to the bed.

2012-08-15 024 Rosey was very pleased.  She insisted on the lighter weight comforter though.  She liked the flowers on it.

While taking these photo’s I grabbed a few more.  Here is Yorik with the shirt I am working on for him.  This was something I cut out before leaving the USA and was my first piece on the sewing machine.

2012-08-15 030I found his vest and he looks quite nice in it!    That a pin holding it together to try the fit, the shirt is not done yet. Yorik sits on the top shelf with Charlotte.  He prefers her company as they like to talk about traveling (Charlotte has travelled to the Orient) and philosophy.  I noticed that Charlotte has looked positively radiant since meeting Yorik.

2012-08-15 009 

2012-08-15 037I think this is the best photo I have of her.  She looks so serene. 

2012-08-15 027 I think Evie is glad to have found a best friend and these two seem to spend a great deal of time making up stories of fairies and princesses and castles.  Very wistful these two are.

2012-08-15 033My childhood trolls.  I cannot remember their names (which really bothers me).  The white haired was the grandmother, the dark hair was the mother and there was a short brown haired one that was the father.  Then I had a lot of the little ones.  I remember I had one with two toned hair, my first one, that was yellow with brown tips.  I loved that one the most and I remember her name was Nikolina.  They seem happy to be out of the box and amongst the others.  I will have to make them some clothes, they have not been played with since my daughter was a child and that was 30 some years ago.  Wow.

2012-08-15 035 Rosebud has the most wonderfully defined body for being so tiny.  I just discovered that her metal dog can hold a piece of paper in his mouth!  I really wished I could have kept that little dollroom I made for her in Hawaii.  Sigh.  She seems to be fine in the leather case for now but she is in desperate need of a gown. I think I will make one tomorrow, poor  dear.

2012-08-15 041 Rosey’s sweater coat is coming along nicely.  This is the back and I am working on the of the front sections.  It’s a lovely yarn with a heavy silky weight to it, a nice flow.

I am feeling more relaxed about the dolls, but I have to remind myself when I feel the still strong urge to “pick one”.  I am so glad I don’t have to do that anymore.  I t
hink the shelf has helped me relax, because I can go and visit them, see they are fine and I can play with Rosey and the guilt of spending so much time with her is lessening.

Rosey is earthy, warm, chubby, well balanced, simple and has a touch of magic about her.  Something clicked with the dark wig, something made her blossom.  If I look to hard at her painted eyes or her mottled wood skin, I think, oh, I should sand her down or repaint her, but then I look at her and I think, NO!  Now, she is just right, just as she is right now.  There is a warm glow in her eyes that has nothing to do with paint.

2012-08-15 Rose Marie Nighty 003Just look at those chubby arms!  She’s in her summer nighty and all ready to sleep in her new bed!

Audrey Bathed

2012-08-01 0022012-08-01 005

2012-08-01 0132012-08-01 024

Audrey was given a bath and had her hair washed and conditioned.  I noticed, just like I did with Evie, that the Testors coating had yellowed, which I could not see until it was removed and she was washed with soap and water.  Audrey’s skin is now more latte coloured than golden tan.  I also noticed that some of her faceup had worn off, so I will be reluctantly redoing that too.  I could not get a good photo of it, but in taking tons of extreme close ups, I decided that although I cannot do the fine eyeliner style, I can pretty much give her most everything else in colouring.  it helped for me to see the close ups.  She won’t have the dark eyes she has now, but I think I can keep a similar look.

2012-08-01 056Here you can see the chipped lip colour.  The cheek wear  is the most noticeable, but I could not get it to show in the photo.  It’s like she has a ring around her mouth from cheek to cheek.

I went through most of the two remaining unpacked boxes, looking for her clothing and objects, I did not find Rosebud yet.  I pulled out the trunk I received from Alex, but she was not packed in there either.  I just cannot picture in my head exactly where I packed her.  I couldn’t tear everything up today because we were expecting the flat to be inspected.  I am sure I will eventually find her, but I am a bit worried.  In the meantime, I am going to set up the trunk as Audrey’s room.  I am Audrey-fied right now and can think of nothing else.  I hope this happens with all my dolls, but for now I can only do one at a time.

Anyways, I have been playing with Audrey and holding her heavy body in my hand and being delighted with her like I haven’t been in a long time.  I took a few photo’s of the flat today, nothing is finalized yet, we are still working on it.  We did get the go ahead for an additional 2 year lease, so I felt a lot of relief with that.

2012-08-01 028That brown table and sofa will be taken away (came with the furnished flat) and I will put my work table there so I can sew.  I have no idea where I will put my dolls though.

2012-08-01 042 Our entry way between the bedroom and lounge.  That table is my working table and will be moved to the bedroom.  That’s all  my husband’s stuff. 

2012-08-01 044The lounge (living room).  We have the dining table in the window bay. We opted for a double desk over sofa’s and a TV.  We watch films on our computer’s anyways and so don’t have a TV.

2012-08-01 033 Looking towards the kitchen from the bay window.  Now you can see the entry room and the bedroom in the distance.  On the left a display unit will be set up with more art objects.  Maybe in a week or two.  In the bedroom, once the sofa’s and table go, we will add two dressers under the window.

2012-08-01 040our long long bathroom.

So that’s it for now.  We will be here until November 1 2014.  At that time we will make the decision whether to go to Denmark or stay 2 more years.   I feel I now have LOTS of dolly play ahead.  Starting NOW!!!!!

Lack of Creativity

Honestly, I just haven’t been able to get into my dolls or in any kind of play since I have been in Hawaii.  A few moments here and there of inspiration, but it soon trailed off into caring and paying attention to the children and household duties.  I haven’t lost interest, but there is a lack of time and peace about it.  I have tried here and there, but overall my dolls have been simply a comfort and a retreat for me, rather than any kind of adventure as I wanted to have.  I miss the play and the creativity and I sure hope it all comes back to me as we settle down in the UK or in Denmark, whichever it ends up being.

Evie and Yorik have been sitting in chairs for weeks now.  I at least stop and look at them each evening before bed.  I feel such sadness.  It’ just doesn’t work well to have them downstairs with the children, two of them mess with them and want to play and damage would be too much of an issue.  Same with photography outside, it’s not just me taking a doll out, but 4 other children as well.  I can’t concentrate this way at all.

Little Rosebud has been kept in a little leather box I found, which will be far more practical when carrying her in my purse, but I have forgotten to bring her along every single time!  I am totally distracted with everything and feel everything is on hold.  Next weekend I will see my dolls at the apartment, ones I have not seen in a year.  Some will have to be sold, some will come with me, but I have yet all those things to sort through.  Fabrics, notions, yarns, patterns and all the doll things I have collected through the years.  About 1/8 will be kept, that is it.  I feel a tug at my heart over that too.

In the meantime, I did find a half scale bedroom suite which seems large to me.  I like the dresser, but the bed is a double and too wide and I cannot fit the bureau in the room at all. 

2012-03-02 0232012-03-02 0242012-03-02 025 It would be nice if the bed was a single.  I haven’t time to look around and will save that for a UK project.  I would like to paper the walls and make a rug and add pictures to the wall.  If I could find a smaller bed, I would love to add a little chair.  Perhaps  a small sofa would be better.  I do have ‘some’ dollhouse miniatures at home, maybe I can find something for her there.

I did score some real silk thread and will attempt to make her a silk dress in crochet, but I am shuddering to think of cramping my hands up in that endeavour. 

I removed the last attempt to paint her face.  I was getting better at it, but I kept feeling like it took away the beauty of her sculpting.  while you can only see it up close and in the right light, she has tiny little eyelids!  Any painting, even as tiny as I can get it, obliterates those lids. 

2012-03-02 006 I took her one day out when walking the baby in the stroller.  But she didn’t photograph well.  She has a bit of left over faceup here in these photo’s, but it is gone now.

2012-03-02 0042012-03-02 011This dress is too clunky for her, that is why I want to attempt to crochet a thinner thread dress. 

Rosebud’s Room Box

I haven’t quite decided what to do with little Rosebud’s faceup. I played around with a extra fine felt tip but it wasn’t really doing anything for her. I will try a few other idea’s I have, but her blank face is actually beginning to grow on me.  In the meantime, I found a fabulous room box for her!  I paid 99 cents for it.  Don’t know what it was, perhaps to hold photo’s or gardening cards?  There is a garden poem in the front (which is on a card that can be removed should Rosebud want a picture in there.

2012-02-18 001 The top flips over to the back (it’s on a hinge).  The front has a removable wood panel that slides up and out.  The front green floral grille is metal and slides up too.

2012-02-18 002 2012-02-18 003 2012-02-18 004 The grille could be used as a screen.

2012-02-18 006 Here is Rosebud in the room.  What I really like is that when I put it on my nightstand by my bed, the light from my lamp shown down into the room box lighting it up.

2012-02-18 009 My daughter found a small cradle and tiny chair for her out of a big bag of toys.  These are just temporary until I can find the right bedroom set.  I can’t wait to decorate it, lovely wallpaper, wall sconces,  rug…..oh what fun.