Meeting Saraband

Yesterday we got up at 4 am, had breakfast and drove from Loveland down the the Springs.  We unloaded all the stuff from the truck, took it to the apartment, had hot showers and left immediately to run all of our errands.  By the time we got to my parents house in the afternoon, I was already exhausted beyond belief.


But there were three dolls waiting.  Thank heavens!


First I opened the box I thought might be the china head…the one I had already thought was not going to arrive and had given up on her.  I was pleased as could be, she was stunning!  She is a reproduction, made in 1963 by LaMotts. 


DSC00030 DSC00017


Her legs and arms are exquisite and her body hard and well shaped.  Her petticoat is quite old, but her pantaloons are even older, not belonging to her as the waist is too small and there are straight pins holding them on.


DSC00020 DSC00021

These photo’s were taken at night, when I was too tired to work on a better photograph and lighting.  But I will take more photo’s in the next day or so.  I LOVE her chunky calves!  There is a fine pinstripe in the white part of the china, looking like fine silk stockings!  The boots are luster and there is a gold band to match the gold in her molded blouse.  She is heavy, the limbs are very high quality and I am so happy she made it to my door!

DSC00025 DSC00026

Standing, she comes up to Charlotte’s shoulder, so she is just as I imagined her to be.





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