A Lost Child

It seems Saraband has been lost in transit.  I am sad about that, she seemed to be such a lovely chinahead.  I have asked for a refund from the seller, who admits that the post office said there was a problem on two packages that she sent out,


Uyoo finally has a bid, so I hunted for beds for Mikko and Allina.  I was considering finding bunk beds for the, saw a triple bunk that could be stacked for be individual beds and thought that would work for all three woodens.  I need to think on it a bit more.  Since I won’t be home much to enjoy the play factor, it is something that could wait until we are ready to pack up and move.  I did find two lovely chairs though, foe Allina and Mikko:


greenshot_2010-11-08_17-26-50  They are 14 inches high and the seat is 6 inches wide, which is quite substantial and perfect for the woodens.  I plan on doing some rosemalling on them and adding their names.


I made arrangements to see my parents on the afternoon of Thursday, as we not only need an important letter that arrived, but of course, to go and get the two from Finland and visit awhile.  My father has had recent oral surgery, so my birthday dinner has been canceled.  My husband said we could go to a restaurant on the way home, but it won’t be the same thing.  I have never been a fan of scheduling birthday celebrations to fit convenience.  I asked for dome brandy and marzipan, so I will have some thing to look forward to on the actual day.


I still feel bad about Saraband. I hope she finds a home somehow and doesn’t end up living in a box forever suspended in the lost and found post office basket.


Blonde China Head

Yesterday we stopped at Walmart and I wanted to get a small clip on fan for the next time we have to sit for the day and the truck heats up.  With the two cubbies, I thought I could clip one on one side and let the fan circulate that very hot air around.  Surprisingly, they had only 2 fans left, a big box fan and a small stand type fan.  I grabbed the smaller one, I have to be able to keep the resin girls cool.


The frustration is that I my husband is really concentrating hard on the logistics of our move and all that is involved.  So we go over it in detail and I am half excited and half depressed over it all.  The packing and moving part is okay, but the year in Hawaii is causing me a huge dose of separation anxiety over leaving all my dolls, my doll rooms, my sewing machine, the apartment, our things and living in someone else’s home.  I can only take what I can carry on the plane.  Whom do I take?  Evie was a challenge.  More?  Less?  No one?  Everyone?


So how do I de-stress?  I shop.  I have been on some sort of mad hunt for another doll, particularly a little wooden doll.  Which is nearly impossible and when I do find them, they are poorly crafted and I know they wouldn’t do.  I found one I bid on and was so excited about her, but was outbid in the last minute.  Then I think to myself, just carve one!


While I was searching, I came across a little figurine we had when I was a child.  I was always fond of her, and my mother had her for many years.  I sent the picture to her to ask if she still had it.  I remember ours had a pale blue nightgown and oatmeal coloured hair.




How funny then, today I find this girl right at the near end of her auction:


greenshot_2010-10-23_15-59-27 I wasn’t impressed with this photo, but the close up made me sit up and take notice…

greenshot_2010-10-23_15-59-52 The painting so delicate, so fawn like and soft.


greenshot_2010-10-23_16-00-14 But it was THIS photo that made me think of the little girl figurine and I had to have this doll.  She is 14 inches.  She is simply lovely.  I had two minutes left in the auction and quickly put in a bid and won.  Whew.  I thought I was going to lose, but finally after several losses….I have this charmer.  A nice companion to Charlotte I think.  Her name is Sarabonde.