Guilty Pleasures

I am the doll collector’s worst nightmare.  I feel a bit of guilt altering a doll that prevents it from ever being valuable as an original whatever, but not guilty enough.  I will tamper until the doll comes alive for me.

I felt that I loved everything about my Sasha except the eyes.  I have a thing about eyes that have life in them.  A doll could have a nasty crack down it’s face or missing an leg, but if the eyes don’t light up, I am not having it.

It literally took 2 seconds to fix.  I swished some copper enamel on a dry brush and added a dot of white.  Because my Sasha was Caleb, a boy, I added two miniature eyelash dabs to the outside of the eyes to reflect girlishness.  I did nothing else, but the effect was wonderful.

Ssanyo Eyes

She smiled and said hello.  Meet Ssanyo which means happiness.


Out with the old, in with the new

Wow.  I got so much done ON SCHEDULE!  Yesterday two ladies came and took away all the yarn, fabrics and dolly stuff.  I am slightly (but not fully) embarrassed over how much I have accumulated in dolly stuff. Laughing out loud

I put it all out on the balcony so that I could get a sense of what was going, what I still had to do and so on.

2012-03-25 0032012-03-25 0022012-03-25 001 By 10am, two ladies came by and took it all.  I was surprised to find that I was at peace with it all.  I liked knowing these things delighted the women to no end, the one having granddaughters who would be delighted with it all.

We then drove out to my parents for dinner.  I was again surprised by a gift from my husband!  I now knew why he was so adamant that I keep my dolls, because he added one to the mix!

This doll I had seen in a remote antique shop while we were trucking.  I remember seeing the doll in a cabinet, and hoping beyond all reasonable hope that the doll would be cheap since this just didn’t seem like a place that would have dolly nuts like me looking for dolls.  The excitement I had while the clerk took the doll down for me to see made my husband laugh.  When I saw the $500 (or something equally out of my range, I can’t remember) I was so dismayed.  Well, husband found Sasha Caleb and bought him for me.

I have always been intrigued with them, ever since I gave one to my daughter in the early 1980’s.   She still has that doll.  I’ve always liked the quality of them, but hesitated over the painted eyes.  I do like their simplicity and lovely bodies and proportions.  Now I had one in my hands!

2012-03-25 004 My mother was excited too!

2012-03-25 0052012-03-25 006

2012-03-25 008 I did not see Caleb as a boy.  She is a she.   When I got home, I put one of Evie’s dresses on her and was so delighted to find out that she joins Allina, Evie and Jollyann in being able to wear the same clothes and shoes.   A dream come true for me.

2012-03-25 019 Sigh, I am not sure how this is going to work with adding one more, but I am delighted with her and she is definitely a sweetheart!   What a wonderful weight, feel and cute look. 

Oh, and I found shoes for Yorik that fit!  Shoes that fit an SD that I had, he now gained several pairs!

2012-03-26 003Lazy butt.