Never Been So Slow To Sew

It was really rather silly and annoying to admit, but my venture into sewing a dress for Maris was like ice skating after many years of not being on skates.  Wobbly.  I wanted to watch a film, so my plan was to simply hand sew it, but I soon found I had sewn the back to back and front to front of the bodice pieces together and well, I shook my head in disbelieve.  This should have been a thing I could do in my sleep!

I have no patterns for her, so I am starting with the simple bodice and attached gathered shirt to get a feel for her shape and size.  I already made one adjustment to the paper pattern for the bodice, but I can see I a few more I need to make.

Still, I am not sewing to the point that I am completing it as quickly as I use to.  Not sure why, but I set it aside already and I look at it as though I will be picking it up again soon, but then a few days pass and I have not.



Rosey’s Style

2013-02-24 0012013-02-24 004

I finally after much delay, finished the wool lime dress.  I decided to keep the sleeves short as we are heading into spring anyways.  Two shell buttons on the back are the closure.  This was knitted in all one piece, sewn under the arms and down the sides.

2013-02-17 009

I have been searching for a style for Rosie, I really feel I am not keeping her in anything that I feel really bring her out.

As summer is approaching, I will  be dropping the knitting and sewing more. I researched for idea, and I think I might have stumbled upon a look I think will be good on her.

1920sKids Fashion-1920s-children-catalog-page-from-free-vintage-digistamp-729x1024I really like the 1920’s styles, so as I found the photo’s I became more and more interested. 



Then I stumbled on Dolly Dingle and I was hooked.  lol.

220px-1922_Dolly_Dingle_by_Grace_Drayton Wish Rosey as this plump!  How adorable!

ddingledolly dinglegdollyd2


All I need is to see the shapes, the trims, the style of it, I can make the pattern myself.  Plenty here to give me a direction anyways for summer.

I have been wanting to crochet an undergarment, which I started today, ecru fine cotton.  I have a basic idea, sort of like this:

antique  eBay - Maxthon Browser

I want more thickness on the shoulders, and perhaps bloomers that button onto the vest.  It’ll be designed as I crochet, lol.  My usual method of madness.

A Wall!

Still getting over a dastardly cold.  I am in hacking my lungs up competition with the man in the flat below.  His comes from smoking or TB I think.  Wow, I have never heard anything like it, but I am getting pretty good at it myself!

I got an idea late last night while in bed and trying to sleep.  I remembered that I had kept some Styrofoam board from the Ikea furniture and I suddenly knew what to do with it!

First, I had to rearrange the bedroom in order to uncover the radiator behind the door. It’s the only one in the bedroom and the weird thing I have all my doll stuff in was blocking it by 1/3.  So I moved the big wooden wardrobe over and the doll bookcase to replace it and suddenly it all looked much better and was warmer!

2012-10-25 012

2012-10-25 013

Anyways, while it is already up in this photo, so I cannot  surprise you, I made a wall to further enclose Rosey’s room.

2012-10-25 001 I had two pieces, which I cut and taped together and then I cut out a window.  I had some contact paper and covered it all up with that.  I wished I could have had something more wallpaper and child like, but right now, stuff on hand has to do.

2012-10-25 002 I cut a handkerchief in two and made curtains.

2012-10-25 003 2012-10-25 004 I cut up an old ruined umbrella frame to get the curtain rod.  I bent the ends to poke directly into the wall.

2012-10-25 007 The wall is taped to the bookcase so that it doesn’t fall.  So while the room has three different wall coverings, it will have to do for now.  The more I looked at it, the more I thought that if I had more Styrofoam, I could build another room on top!  Some day, I will have a whole wall made into one massive dollhouse.

2012-10-25 009

Not much other news.  I noticed that Rosey’s one eyelash was coming loose.  I had not secured them with permanent glue as I was not sure if I was going to keep them.  I wanted to eventually replace them with softer lashes, but I gently pulled them off and decided to wait a bit before deciding altogether.  It does make her look less dramatic, and I am use to the more flirtatious look.    I do like that now I can afford to take my time with making decisions.   Still pleased to say that I have continued to look at dolls online and not one has intrigued me!  I am still utterly smitten by Rosemarie.


I  have been on an embroidery kick.  I am so rusty, (many years ago I loved to embroider) so this is a good experience to get back into it.   I dug through some bags of doll clothes that I had not sorted out for Rosey because at the time I thought of them as too modern.  I still haven’t really decided if Rosey will remain in an era or just be a modern girl, it seems kind of a shame that some of the clothes would otherwise sit in a bag since none of my other dolls can wear them.  Oh well, nothing tremendously important.  I like redoing some of the commercially made ones, a few I have made and a couple of vintage pieces.  It’s a nice change of pace kind of challenge to re-do something already made.

2012-10-07 002 This was made by a lady who sewed in a name tag.  Well made, she may sew professionally.  A simple flannel night gown, seemed too plain so I added embroidery in 3 pink colours.

2012-10-07 003 This is a sweater I knit several years ago, but never added any type of front closure.  So I crochet a front panel with button holes and extended it up around the neck.  I thought it needed something to blend to two abrupt colours, so embroidered a thin line around the sides and around the collar.

2012-10-07 007 This commercially made garment needed more stability in the leg area.  I did a button hole stitch, then a running stitch on the inside to gather it up to a smaller leg opening.  I thought the yellow  needed to be pulled into the garment, so I embroidered a bit of yellow to make it look more blended.

2012-10-07 010I really have no idea what this garment was suppose to be, seems even under pants the yellow waist would disappear.  But the upper part is appealing.  I thought about putting little flowers up the centre panel, but sometimes one needs to know when to stop.

2012-10-07 0122012-10-07 013

Here is a terry robe, commercially made.  I used purple, turquoise, pink and yellow floss to liven it up.  I decided to make it look like a braid and just used different stitches that intertwined.  Maybe someday I will put an R and a M on the pockets.

I spent today organizing the area I sit with my sewing box, my knitting and sewing patterns, cookbooks and everything is right at hand.  Loving that.  I haven’t sewn on my machine yet as I cannot believe that I missed packing dressmaking pins!  Today I finally found some at a variety shop.  So I am set to start sewing for Rosey using the Schoenhut patterns. 

A Room for Rosey

2012-09-24 0022012-09-23 011

Rosey had the sniffles, so I made her a handkerchief.  It’s fabulous I got a doll dress, a doll apron and two doll handkerchiefs out of one of my own.

2012-09-23 009 This is the hat I made to go with the dress.  The next time she wears the dress, I will take a photo of the combination.

2012-09-24 006 I was sweeping the floor today and was wishing not to have Rosey’s bed on the floor.  I got the idea to put my drawing board on top of the thing I have doll stuff in and it made the top just large enough to hold her bed.  So Rosey now has a room of her own!

2012-09-24 0072012-09-24 016

I think it’s perfect, as I can take photo’s and attend to her at a higher level than the floor.  I haven’t painted the bed yet, I am thinking of leaving it worn and maybe just adding flowers, or maybe I should look into vintage decals.  I am so tickled with this little room, she has the warmest spot in the flat, right near the radiator! 

I am currently working on a deep dark olive brown knitted leggings and sweater set.  I have never knitted pants before, so this is my first try at that.  I was thinking of the different things I would like to make for Rosey, things like were made for Bleuettes, hats and purses and other fun accessories.  I thought a pyjama case, a winter muff and mittens would be next.  Anything I make for her will have to come from what I have already.  That, I think, will be a fun challenge!

Agnotta the House Servant

2012-09-23 0022012-09-23 0032012-09-23 0042012-09-23 006 Agnotta received a thin black corduroy gown and a handkerchief apron last night, including a maid’s cap.  She is quietly smiling, relieved to be out of the tattered faded dress she arrived in.  She is especially pleased with a bright red ribbon to tie her apron and the large red roses assure her that being a maid doesn’t necessarily mean dowdiness.

Rosey Gets a Bob Cut

2012-09-20 0022012-09-20 0042012-09-20 0052012-09-20 006Rosey got a haircut!  I had debated over and over about it, just not sure I wanted to cut the beautiful and healthy hair, but I am now glad I did.  What a perky look for her and so much easier for her to manage.

2012-09-21 002

I didn’t have any rollers, so had to use bobby pins.  It could be curled better, but for now, we are both happy with the results.  She sort of looks like a Bleuette and that makes me smile.  This was a bear’s blouse which I cut down the arms and sides (and reduced the neckline) to fit Rosey and one of adult Evie’s dresses.  It doesn’t close at the waist, but I think I can manage to create a panel insert to correct it.  I like the challenge of “make-do” with what one already has.