Patsyette Pose

2012-10-21 011 Sometimes Rosey does something that makes me smile.  The way her head tilts, or the way her eyes may be sparkling or the way she is standing or sitting.

This photo shows the goofy way she was standing, the unbuttoned shoe, the way her round belly pulls up the dress in front.  This position of her feet made me think of Patsyette.


Boat Shoes

The trouble with Yorik is that he is neither SD or MSD in size, therefore, nothing fits.

DSC07249  These are SD sized shoes.  At first I thought I made a mistake and bought the kind that are made for the new 70cm guys.  They looked like boats.  So I bought another pair, knowing I will deal with larger shoes, but nope, they are the same size.

I can handle boots being too big, but I really wanted a pair of dress shoes.  The one I bought were excellent quality and price.  I went to Souldoll’s website and they do make great boots and shoes for the Vito line, but they are $38 and $40.  It’s not happening.  MSD is too small for his feet.

I guess when we settle down, I will have to make all of his shoes.  The clothes I can handle, but shoes?  Sigh.  Poor guy.

A New Dress

Pernille is set to go into Honolulu with me today.  She has on her new Hawaiian dress that I made, which is in a muumuu style with ruffled lace.  She has her purse and rice paper umbrella too!

DSC04542 DSC04514

DSC04524 I wanted to show of photo of how the AG shoes fit her so much better now.  I have ordered a few more AG shoes after selling a vintage Japanese jewelry box. 

While looking for buttons to close up the back I found something in my sewing basket that I had completely forgotten as a option on Pernille’s clothing!  A ZIPPER!  I had a zipper that was light blue and fit 3/4 of the length of her dress, wow!  I have sewn for such small ones for so long that standard zippers were just not an option.  I was so happy about this.  I now wished I had grabbed the bagged up zippers I saw in the thrift shop last week.  They were all new, about 20 of them for $2.99.  Sigh.

In other news, Joanie Claire is on her way to St Petersburg, Russia.  What an adventure awaits her!  I am so happy she is going to a wonderful home full of love and happiness. 

Name Change and Roller skates

First, we both decided on a name change. Lilly is a wonderful name, but as we are heading back to Denmark and none of my companions have ever had a true Danish name, we chose Pernille.  It was quite by accident, my oldest grandson is interested in learning Danish, so I have been teaching him and found this website that will help him too:

You can hear how Pernille is pronounced.

And then the roller skates.  Pernille was so adamant this morning to try on her roller skates even though I thought she wasn’t ready yet. 

DSC04482  Pernille leaned against Ryah’s toy kitchen to steady herself.  The carpet helped, it wasn’t quite as slippery as the floor.

DSC04485  “I think I can do it!” she said.

DSC04478 She got a little more brave, taking it slow, pushing one skate forward and then positioning her crutches to balance.  I don’t believe I have seen any one on crutches skate before!

DSC04488 “Maybe some day I can skate outside like the other children”.  It was slow going, but she managed quite well!

DSC04489 “Don’t worry so!” she kept telling me. 

DSC04492 At last she made it to the door.  She watched the cars go by, watched the birds looking for food.

DSC04493 Then I heard her sigh.  Something pink caught her eye.  “I wonder” she said wistfully, “how that smells”.

DSC04494  “Well, then”, I said, “we shall find out!”  I opened the door for Pernille, and she skated right over to the flower without falling down even once!

DSC04496 “It’s so pretty! But this one doesn’t have any smell to it!”

DSC04497 I lifted her up to another flower, but it didn’t have any smell either.  “Oh well” she said, “at least I got to go outside for a little while!”

Lilly Goes for an Outing

I have lost my wonderful blogging editor, Live Writer. I was so upset (I actually lost all of the Live essentials and a couple of other programs) that for the life of me, I could not get back no matter what I did. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, going back in time, I did virus scans and used all of my computer maintenance fixes. Nothing. At best, it had something to do with the latest microsoft update, but even going back to a date previous to that download, I could not salavage anything, nor reinstall my beloved programs.

Fortunately, after a great deal of searching, I found acceptable replacement programs, but it will all take getting use to it. Right now, I am experimenting with Zoundry Raven as my blogging editor (I would rather blog from my computer than directly on the website) and we’ll see how this goes. So far I like it!

On Thursday, we needed to walk over to my youngest grandson’s school to turn in some paperwork. Lilly wanted to go with us, and I realized that this was her very first outing!

DSC03954.JPG DSC03953.JPG

We really had a nice walk, and after going to his school, we found a park across the street that we went to enjoy.

DSC03957.JPG I let my grandson play in the water section (there is a huge playground to the right. Lilly and I stayed with the baby and enjoyed the cool island breezes.

DSC03966.JPG DSC03964.JPG I was so happy that Lilly could share a moment like this with me. She just brings me such a smile and calm feeling. I have a lot more I want to write about her and my growing attachment to her, but I wanted to also get a photo of her sitting at her table and her new puppy dog slippers:

DSC03967.JPG I am so happy to have found this table for her. It is perfect in height and scale. The bird cage, radio and tea set (all bought before I knew about her) all work so perfectly too. I have so many other things at home that will work for her too, so I have this peaceful feeling that this was all meant to be and that I can finally relax into one scale and one direction.

I want to post this as a test and see how it works and if there is anything I need to set up.

A few more things for Lilly

2011-07-24 0012011-07-24 002 Lilly got a pair of glasses today,  She only needs them for reading.

2011-07-24 003 This irritates me, to have such a difference in shoe size when it was claimed these were AG size. Fortunately, they fit Lilly perfectly in length, but still, I doubt they would have fit an AG.

2011-07-24 004  I could not resist.  My grandson’s looked at my very strangely.  “Gramma, you do know that dolls can’t skate?” one asked me.

2011-07-24 0052011-07-24 006

Yesterday as we were coming home, this table and chair set were sitting on the curb with a doll stroller.  We stopped and asked them if the were tossing the set and they said yes….so Lilly got a fabulous table and chair set, which she promptly begged to have her tea set brought out.

2011-07-24 007 Since I was in my room taking a photo of the table and chairs, I took a photo of Lilly’s bed on my bed.  Someday she will have a bed of her own, but this works for now.

Undies Done, AG glasses and Shoes

2011-07-18 001 Yesterday I finished the undie sets.  She has the one on, that has just straps, the dark pink one has long sleeves the other two short sleeves, so I think she has enough.  I will eventually make a combinations style undergarment to wear with dresses. 

Her first AG shoes came yesterday.  This was my experiment batch.

2011-07-17 006 The crocs fit perfectly.  I love them on her, and will get more.

2011-07-17 008 The jellies were too wide.  I will keep them with her swimsuit and they can be beach shoes.

2011-07-17 007  The AG sunglasses fit too!  Wow, I was surprised.  A snug fit, but fine.  I bought another pair of regular glasses for her and of course, splurged on several pairs of shoes.  Spoiled thing.

My oldest grandson gave her a flower to put in her hair. 

2011-07-17 015 2011-07-17 016  Lilly’s eyes focus straight forward, but it seems she looks sideways often!  Love the many expressions I catch crossing her face. 

I need to rest my sewing finger, as the needle punched through my finger tip callus.  Sigh.  So I grabbed some fabulous Japanese imported yarn, I have no idea what it consists of, the writing on the back is in Japanese.  But the colour is marvelous and with 4 skeins, I should be able to get a full dress out of it, or a sweater and hat.

2011-07-18 002