3 Dolls for Sale

I currently have three dolls on eBay, if anyone is interested:


Soom Mini Gem Uyoo Elf


Mel Odom Gene Marshall


Dollzone BB Ami


Auction ends in 10 days.


As I mentioned, I have been working on outlines and history information on my dolls, trying to find the balance of the dolls I really want and who to keep, who will travel and those whom I just don’t do anything with.


I had bought Soom Uyoo with the idea that she was petite and easy to travel, but as lovely as she is, there is something about thin small dolls in my big huge hands that make me feel I should not handle them.  Uyoo is not fragile, I just can’t enjoy playing with such a thin doll….I feel the same way about Barbie sized dolls too.  I like thick dolls, what can I say?  lol.


Gene is not my type, I am not much into fashion glamour girls.


Ami is a sweetheart and I really like her.  I just don’t seem to enjoy multiples of the same doll.   As cute as having 4 BB was, it was like having a nursery of toddlers, and my attention was too diverted. 


I am refining my dolly world, lots of new ideas coming soon!