Guilty Pleasures

I am the doll collector’s worst nightmare.  I feel a bit of guilt altering a doll that prevents it from ever being valuable as an original whatever, but not guilty enough.  I will tamper until the doll comes alive for me.

I felt that I loved everything about my Sasha except the eyes.  I have a thing about eyes that have life in them.  A doll could have a nasty crack down it’s face or missing an leg, but if the eyes don’t light up, I am not having it.

It literally took 2 seconds to fix.  I swished some copper enamel on a dry brush and added a dot of white.  Because my Sasha was Caleb, a boy, I added two miniature eyelash dabs to the outside of the eyes to reflect girlishness.  I did nothing else, but the effect was wonderful.

Ssanyo Eyes

She smiled and said hello.  Meet Ssanyo which means happiness.