Animation Addiction

We went to Animation Addict yesterday in Waikiki.  It is not as fun as the other kawaii shop we found, and although I was able to sneak some photo’s, they caught me and asked me not to photograph anything.  I really don’t get this NO PHOTOGRAPHS thing, whether it is about trade secrets or because someone might be casing the joint and coming back to steal items, but the signs are frequently posted in the shops here.  I’ve asked a few times as a courtesy and I am always told no.  click to enlarge any photo.


But here are my secret photo’s:

2011-06-08 0012011-06-08 0022011-06-08 0032011-06-08 0042011-06-08 0052011-06-08 0062011-06-08 0072011-06-08 0082011-06-08 009


SO many cute creatures.  I would love to indulge in them, but I am trying to be frugal.  Sigh.  No buys today.