Backstage of Rosey’s Room

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I love the early morning, after husband goes to work and Rosey joins me at my desk.

Whew!  I spent all day photographing two story lines, then spent all evening preparing them to publish.  I finally designed a watermark I liked, one I can use on all my photo’s (not just dolly ones) and discovered how I can batch mark my photo’s in one fell swoop.  However, I also discovered that while I thought I had been clever in watermarking as the first step, I soon saw that I could no longer use the book shape filter as it cut off the watermark.  I now know that I can change the setting for moving the watermark up next time, but it is ruining the consistency I am trying to achieve in the look and presentation of Rosey’s Room and her stories.  I am learning though how to do things in a different way and that is part of the fun for me.

That, aside, I am still trying to narrow down the font situation, because I have very limited space for wording, attaching the verbiage to the photo instead of writing.  I want the font to indicate who is speaking.  I already messed up for forgetting to change the storyline font from Meredith bear’s font on the first few chapters.  Sigh.  I think I need to write up a cheat sheet so I can stay consistent.  I decided it would be too much to have a font for each doll, so only Rosey and Meredith bear have their speaking fonts, and since the rest will always be a story told by Meredith bear, it can be a book type font. 

The Lost Crown has 12 chapters, one for each of the next 12 days.  I broke the simple story down to about 4 photo’s a day, to keep from getting too long winded as I am want to do.  After that will come the next storyline of Jones and Madeira, which I need to rework a bit to Rosey’s Room, as I deleted Thistleshire.

I took all of the photo’s of the Lost Crown on my husband’s shelf where he has his swords, a statue of Robert the Bruce, and the brass crown my dad made for my husband as a joke, where I crowned him the King of my heart many years ago.  The shelf is up high, so it is wonderfully easy for me to photograph.  Husband saw the dolls there when he got home and said they could stay, he thought it looked fun.  I was surprised by that one!  He also noticed Rosey’s room all walled up and teased me all evening about how I had gotten rid of most of my doll stuff for the move and it seems to be building back up again.  I tried to look as innocent as I could.


Working on It

I spent most of yesterday revamping my various blogs with an all new look.  I loved the themes and visuals and it helped me feel more creative. 

I changed The Problem with Pixies blog to Cabinet Cabaret, as I am thinking on possibly just letting what happens in the cabinet happen on it’s own, with me taking a snapshot now and then.  This involves a more adult type story with Ane Thea and 1/6th scale figures.  To help my thoughts on that, I am working on a personality sheet for each character.  So even if no story is yet posted to this blog, it is in the works.  If nothing comes out of my head and I don’t get a feel for it, they all get sent packing home.  So far, I do feel a bit of a stir of ideas, I just need to harvest it.  The basic idea is that they create their world inside a locked cabinet.  Entertain themselves, so to speak.  That blog is here:

Then I created a new blog for the tiny creatures I have.  I am working on a personality worksheet on them too.  One of the blog templates had Kimiko as the theme, so I decided it would be fun to run with that idea….little Kitty Bye (Hello Kitty figure) would be seeking her frog prince, Kimiko.  This will be their “holy grail” seeking Kimiko.  Nothing more dramatic than that.  lol.  when I was at the park with them the other day, I sort of had a feeling out how they are so different from each other just by looking at them, so it may be fun just letting them play off of each other.  That new blog is here:

I did want to keep them separate, letting them each be their own little world that I can enter when I feel like it. 

My Companion blog remains my main dolly world thoughts and doings.  That got a new look as well, but I plan on adding individual portraits of each of my dolls in the sidebars.

I unfortunately accidently deleted my blogroll, so that needs to be rebuilt too.

Lastly, if anyone is interested, I revamped my travel blog, which is mostly for my family to get photo’s of where I am and family type photo’s.  Any Hawaii photo’s I take are here too, and when I am on the truck, that is recorded there.  Nothing to do with dolls, just personal things:


Dear Diary,

I have a new friend.  I don’t know who she is, she is very mysterious.  I think she is a Russian princess.  Mama is making her some fancy gowns.  She is like the princess and the pea story, she is fragile and spends most of her time in a satin lined train case all wrapped up in a blanket.  She doesn’t like getting dust in her hair or anything like that. 

I talk to her everyday until she comes out for a fitting or a meal.

2011-01-16 011 2011-01-16 012We have to talk through the train case, but that’s ok.  She tells me about fairy tales and wonderful magical stories about a moon. 

Sometimes I just lie on the train case and listen to the stories.

2011-01-16 013