Lilly Goes Through Two Changes

I know we can get all gushy and mushy when a new doll comes into our life, but I have gotten especially gaga over little Miss Lilly Lucille.  I have the most incredible need to hold her, be with her, I am so taken with her!  Every time I pick her up I am shocked at her weight, which is a hefty 4.3 pounds on the postage scale!  But it’s that weight that delights me!  She is a companion of substance!

2011-07-10 0472011-07-10 054

I upped the pixels in my camera to take a few portrait shots, when I looked at them later, I thought how nice it would be if she could stand without using a stand and having bowled legs.  Later last night when I went to bed, I remembered I had bought two hamster cage water bottle holders, with an idea of making polio braces for Joanie as a story.  I had set them aside and now they ended up being a perfect idea for Lilly!

2011-07-11 005 These are two aluminum wires, I had straightened one out to cut, but decided to rebend it back to the loop.  I had to rebend the second one’s loop so that they went in opposite directions.  I used plastic ties to keep the together.  The top two loops will go behind her back and a wide ribbon goes around her tummy and through those loops to secure it to her body.

2011-07-11 010 I slide her legs into the large loops which straighten out her legs perfectly!  I then slip her boots on which fit because they are so large, the bottom square loops fit right in the boot.  I added cotton balls in the toe of the shoe to help keep the feet from sliding forward within the boots.  I then tied the ribbon at the back and walla…….

2011-07-11 011 2011-07-11 015  Lilly stands on her own with straight legs! 

When I take the braces off, her legs curve and she sits on my lap or in her chair.  I am beside myself with happiness, because I assumed that it was not possible.

Then another idea hit me.  I noted how her lips are parted and I thought how the back space needed to be darkened.  But oh….how I love the Zwergnase’s with teeth!  Oh oh….I have sea shells that I collected the last time I was at the North Shore, bits of shells, washed smooth by the sea.  So I found the perfect ones, trimmed them with the wire cutters and pressed them into the space.

2011-07-11 002 Lilly now has two pearly whites!  I knew, once I saw her move into two whole new directions that she was the most perfect companion I could have ever wished for!  Whether she could stand or not wasn’t important, but will make it so much easier for photograph her in more situations.  But it was those teeth that did it for me.  It took away the o look, took away the babyish puckered lips.  It helped age her too.

My darling Lilly!