Day One of the Cut

Yesterday went ok.  I filled two big boxes with items I am willing to give away, but so far have not had any responses for takers.  I got a couple of responses from the sewing group for sewing notions and fabrics.  Oh, well, I guess if need be, I will just bag it up and give it to a thrift shop.

I got about 20+ items on eBay, starting out at .99.  That in itself takes such a long time.  I have not begun the final cut on the dolls or what I am going to take to Scotland, that will be done today.  I need to clear the two tables and get what goes on the big table and what I keep on the small.

image  On the brown box I put all my dolls of importance to me.  I put the dolls I never really considered companions, but were like sidekicks in photo stories or I had planned on something in the future for them.  I put them all on eBay.

image So here was my dolls as of yesterday.  The china head in white was put on eBay yesterday, so it is down by one.  She is incredible lovely but I purchased her while we were trucking and didn’t have the chance to bond with her.  In the middle is my core….my woodens and Olivia.  They are who I feel the strongest about.  Yorik is my husband’s doll but he can’t wrap his mind around him yet, but when I mentioned possibly selling him, he thought that we should keep him.  I smiled because we are only starting this process and he is already wavering himself.

 image These are all on sale, except the gofun, as I need to put her kimono back on for the sale.  I have not listed little Rosebud either.  Wavering on her.

And Evie…..well she has certainly been a big part of my dolly days since 2006.  The difference in play is that the resins seem to need more care and with their expressions, have more intensity.  There is always the fear of them toppling while photographing and the fears of skin turning yellow, fingers or noses chipping.  I noticed that the smaller resins, Audrey and Hammie had a delightfully heaviness and solid feel to them, they were more fluid in movement.  Evie’s stringing is getting quite loose and is floppy, Yorik is so tightly strung he is stiff.

The woodens on the other hand are cheerful in expressions, have a nicer feel to their skin (I have always loved the feel of wood and natural things).  They are not as poseable as the resins, although my Schoenhut is better than the resins in holding her positions.  To me, the woodens are the best for everyday fun and play.  I simply adore them.  Has my attachment to Evie kept me in the BJD world when my heart has been leaning towards the simpler dolls?  Honestly, I never thought I would go in this direction, the perfection of the doll with perfect bodies and glass eyes were always important to me.  Now, with my husband and I simplifying our lives with everything else, it only seems natural to let go of the top of the line thinking and let myself find the companionship and joy of a simple wooden doll.

I am still feeling a warm companionship from Jollyann, loving her whole being, from her size, shape and the way those eyeglasses make her eyes so real.  I toyed a few times in thinking maybe just her…pack the big trunk and items just for her.  I have toyed with this idea of a single companion for many years, but this is truly about the last time I could have the valuable dolls that I do have.  I want to go as simple as I can, but I am still wavering and sometimes all it takes is just seeing a sweet face and I feel guilty for thinking about it.  Yet for years, I have been feeling torn about the idea and here I am with only a short few weeks to make final decisions.  The reality is, that not having jobs and not sure if we will ever be able to work again, we are living on savings and eventually pensions, and dollies become frivolous purchases that cannot be expected.  So here is my point, whether to simplify the dolls, or keep the top dolls?  Today that is my challenge.

image Before I started working on it, here is my doll room.  It is messy because when my husband emptied my storage dressers he plopped the stuff in here.  This was NOT how I left it a year ago, LOL.  So that is a bit disconcerting to deal with.

image  Here is outside the doll room, other things to sort through.  I can see at a glance that nearly none of it can be kept.  The table was cleared on top and made into my eBay sales station. 

I’ll take more pictures of the process, and try to write every day.