Audrey Bathed

2012-08-01 0022012-08-01 005

2012-08-01 0132012-08-01 024

Audrey was given a bath and had her hair washed and conditioned.  I noticed, just like I did with Evie, that the Testors coating had yellowed, which I could not see until it was removed and she was washed with soap and water.  Audrey’s skin is now more latte coloured than golden tan.  I also noticed that some of her faceup had worn off, so I will be reluctantly redoing that too.  I could not get a good photo of it, but in taking tons of extreme close ups, I decided that although I cannot do the fine eyeliner style, I can pretty much give her most everything else in colouring.  it helped for me to see the close ups.  She won’t have the dark eyes she has now, but I think I can keep a similar look.

2012-08-01 056Here you can see the chipped lip colour.  The cheek wear  is the most noticeable, but I could not get it to show in the photo.  It’s like she has a ring around her mouth from cheek to cheek.

I went through most of the two remaining unpacked boxes, looking for her clothing and objects, I did not find Rosebud yet.  I pulled out the trunk I received from Alex, but she was not packed in there either.  I just cannot picture in my head exactly where I packed her.  I couldn’t tear everything up today because we were expecting the flat to be inspected.  I am sure I will eventually find her, but I am a bit worried.  In the meantime, I am going to set up the trunk as Audrey’s room.  I am Audrey-fied right now and can think of nothing else.  I hope this happens with all my dolls, but for now I can only do one at a time.

Anyways, I have been playing with Audrey and holding her heavy body in my hand and being delighted with her like I haven’t been in a long time.  I took a few photo’s of the flat today, nothing is finalized yet, we are still working on it.  We did get the go ahead for an additional 2 year lease, so I felt a lot of relief with that.

2012-08-01 028That brown table and sofa will be taken away (came with the furnished flat) and I will put my work table there so I can sew.  I have no idea where I will put my dolls though.

2012-08-01 042 Our entry way between the bedroom and lounge.  That table is my working table and will be moved to the bedroom.  That’s all  my husband’s stuff. 

2012-08-01 044The lounge (living room).  We have the dining table in the window bay. We opted for a double desk over sofa’s and a TV.  We watch films on our computer’s anyways and so don’t have a TV.

2012-08-01 033 Looking towards the kitchen from the bay window.  Now you can see the entry room and the bedroom in the distance.  On the left a display unit will be set up with more art objects.  Maybe in a week or two.  In the bedroom, once the sofa’s and table go, we will add two dressers under the window.

2012-08-01 040our long long bathroom.

So that’s it for now.  We will be here until November 1 2014.  At that time we will make the decision whether to go to Denmark or stay 2 more years.   I feel I now have LOTS of dolly play ahead.  Starting NOW!!!!!


The First Day

Here is my room:

image 2011-04-21 001

I share it with my granddaughter, although she sleeps with her mother at night since she is still nursing.  I found one of those “breathing” dogs in the drawer, I put him on my bed, so I now have a little pet.  By the way, this bed is the first piece of furniture I bought when I was 18 or 19 years old.  It is an old 4 poster maple bed and here it is, after all these years here in Hawaii!  I raised my daughter with this shared bed, and had it as my own bed until 2004 when I married my husband.


image Here she is, my little granddaughter.  Everyone was so tired after waiting so long for me to arrive.  Youngest on the left, middle boy on the right (still sleepy).


image My daughter is cooking bacon and eggs, and my oldest grandson.  He is now 14, his voice is deep and he is so tall just since last August! 


2011-04-21 002 Here is the table set up my daughter did for my Evie, the vintage doll wardrobe, two of the three chairs she has found over the last year.  I set Ane Thea’s trunk room on top.  See this made me feel so sad that I did not have Evie or Allina with me.  I had no idea there would have been any room for a larger companion.  Last year, the baby’s changing table was here, but my daughter moved it downstairs.

2011-04-21 007 I am still feeling out of sorts today, even Ane Thea looks a bit off.  I sure hope it all falls into place soon.

Right before the Trip

I packed off my husband yesterday morning, it was very hard.  I think when he left the first time I had so many projects to work on, I did not feel it quite so hard hit as I did now that everything is done, I am packed and ready to leave……a bit if reality check I guess.


To distract myself, I went to an Antique Mall I had found last year, one that is difficult to find.  I had found lots of doll books there and a booth filled with all kinds of dolls.  I wanted to get more books, but when I got there, she no longer had a booth at the place.  I was so disappointed.  I found a couple of things for Ane Thea:


2011-04-17 004 Birdcage, bottle of something, flowers in a vase

2011-04-17 005Porcelain table picture, pair of scissors and a wooden jar with a lid that says “cookies” on it.

2011-04-17 014 The bird cage has two tiny birds in it.  A bit small for her scale, but I liked it so much.  Each of these items were 50 cents.


I also made her a blanket, one that I added trim to, crochet a border and embroidered her initials on:

2011-04-15 003 2011-04-17 006


At a thrift shop, I SCORED!!!!  lol.  I found a coach for Ane Thea, with one broken door and I am not sure if there are other missing pieces, but for $2.99, I was so happy.  The coach lights still work:

2011-04-17 0072011-04-17 008

2011-04-17 011 Here the lights are on.  The broken door is open, it is missing the top half with curtains, but doesn’t need it to open and close.  I can’t take it to Hawaii, but will be here were we return.  I have horses to pull it, so this will be fabulous.  I want to repaint the wheels, but perhaps the rest in gold, too….a project for another day.  I am so tickled to have found this and I have to admit, a young girl in another cart got pretty excited about it too!  Little did she know I was the one it was coming home to.  lol.


Ane Thea and I are all packed. 

2011-04-17 019 I will be carrying her travel trunk, I decided to leave behind the glass table, and bring a wooden chest of drawers instead.  Everything fit just fine, including all her rement foods in the drawers.

2011-04-17 017 She has her own suitcase with a Pineapple Airlines tray of food, a can of pineapple juice, money, cigarettes, her sunglasses and a magazine to read.

2011-04-17 018 She will travel in her carrier.  I also found the pillow which is a quilt pattern in lavender and green which matches her lavender mattress in the carrier.  That was a lovely find for 50 cents too.


Tomorrow I will take my car to storage, my parents will pick me up and we will see my paternal grandmother at the nursing home, then I will stay overnight at my parents.  Tuesday morning we head to Denver, I have a flight to Seattle with a 5 hour layover and then to Hawaii.  It’ll be awhile until I get settled and take my thousand and one photo’s…so Bon Voyage for now!

New Finds

Here is the purse I found that works perfect to carry Ane Thea with me when I am out and about.  I tested today when we went to the park this morning. 

2011-04-08 001 I used a lavender filled bag that is meant to put over one’s eyes, but it makes a perfect mattress. 

2011-04-08 002 2011-04-08 003

And here is the dollar-store light I found that works so wonderfully for her trunk:

2011-04-08 007 2011-04-08 008 The light turns off when you lay it on it’s side.  It gives a red light, which is soft and pleasant to a Pixie’s eyes. 

2011-04-08 009 I have found that handkerchiefs work perfectly for bedding.  In Hawaii, she will only need sheets to sleep with.  I happened to have a handkerchief that had bright orange roses on it, so it matches her pillow perfectly.  The green one is hand sewn open work by my grandmother. 

2011-04-08 010 I found this at the dollar-store too.  It is her ummmm….porcelain throne as they say.  Very discreet.


I am relieved that the purse works.  I was able to carry my wallet and cell phone in the outer pocket, so I did not need to bring my regular purse.  This relieves me of one more thing to carry on the trip.  I’ll have one suitcase, a backpack and the travel trunk.  Ane Thea will be safe in the carrier and by me at all times.

The travel Trunk

I just about finished Ane Thea’s Travel Trunk.  It turned out exactly how I envisioned it, and I was so thrilled to find a fabric that not only has the same colours of the carpeting, but a trim that matched as well, giving it all a timeless look, not modern, not old fashioned but just right for a Pixie.  The neutral colours will not over take the photo’s but will fade into the background when Ane Thea is in her room.  I had thought strong colours would work, but now I realize how much better a quiet theme works for her:

2011-04-02 002 Click to enlarge the photo’s for details.

Here the mattress was too thick, now that I made a wooden bunk base that was raised.


2011-04-02 003 I stuck little travel-themed posters on her wall.  This is pretty much hidden from view, which makes it fun.  Not only did I end up with polka dot fabric and ball trim, the wallpaper was polka dot too!  It was in the pack of scrapbook papers I bought, I had not even considered using it until I saw the potential with the fabric.


2011-04-02 004 Everything is glued down or nailed down solid.  The drawers, the desk and the base of the bed.  I added brown shimmer powder to the unstained wood to tone it down and blend in with the other colours.  It gave it a bit of an aged look.


2011-04-02 007 A close up of the carpet…I just love this.  It is so soft for her bare feet, so elegant, but not too fussy.


2011-04-02 008 I have been gluing travel decals on the outside, today I will be giving it a couple of coats of varnish. 


2011-04-02 016 Ane Thea loves her room.  Here you can see that I cut the mattress in half and it sits just right down into the bed base.  She can lay full length, with room to spare.  The mattress fits snugly, so I can add a ribbon and tie it around her waist when we travel, or I can fit the chairs and table up there and she can ride in her water bottle carrier.  Not sure yet how I will work all this out for the travel day.  I decided to send one more box to Hawaii, I may just send the furniture ahead.


I had bought a set of glasses for her, and I LOVE her in these:

2011-04-01 025  I need to set up a Flickr account for her and start her adventure soon!

Jollyann’s Room and Misc Projects

Sept 29, 2010

Evie had to give up her little bathroom and the space was converted into a small room for my Schoenhut, who finally chose the name of Jollyann

This space is on the other side of Evie’s trunk room.  I gave Jollyann the grandfather clock, the dresser I recently found, the plaid stuffed chair and a cat on a velvet pillow.  I also had an antique box of chocolates that she can nibble on, which is on a petit point music box, so that she has music to listen to.  She has a an antique bisque rabbit on her dresser, which a glass mosaic picture frame, which we will put antique photo in it when we get more ink for the printer.  Click to enlarge any photo.  The clock and dresser look small in comparison to Jollyann, but that is just the camera angle.

DSC09182  DSC09219

Evie, in the meantime now has a desk and the window is now between the two rooms, providing a wall.  You can see Jollyann’s hair and bow in the window from Evie’s side.  I will make curtains for the window today.  I get such a delight in creating rooms for my dolls, especially when they all have “make-do” things from around the house or thrift shops. 

DSC09184 I will eventually find a better base for the desk, right now it is just a blue trunk.  It will be fun to see if they use this window to communicate.

DSC09209 My little lady from India now has her own space, a primitive cook stove, and as I find objects for her, I am putting them on the ledge until I can find the right combinations for her.

DSC09208 Here is my sewing closet, and the rooms for the little ones above on the shelf.

DSC09210 Olivia has the most cheerful room.  Fits her personality to a T.

DSC09213 The Bottoms Up bar is coming along nicely.

DSC09212 Away has her room too.

All of these rooms (there are more, but I have already shown them) will all get worked on over time, waiting until I have found the right scrap book papers for the walls and so on.  It’s tempting to get them all done now, but I need projects for the future and it’s best to get a feel for it before putting in the cost and labour.

Evie’s lovely dark hair has really made a profound difference and I cannot hardly believe the intensity of it.  It is like she found herself and I could feel it.  It wasn’t just because she had on a cute wig or pretty eyes, it was like this particular wig brought out all of her personality in a very firm and direct way.  I am stumbling for the right words.  It’s strange that in a way, each time I see younger Evie in a wig style or colour that the older Evie wore, it brings me just that much closer to her.  Yet this wig, brings out more than just looking like the long dark wig old Evie once wore.  It’s like there no longer needs to be a resemblance to her old self.  She is no longer a reminder, she IS Evie as she always has been.  It has been a month since I mailed old Evie’s body out and I have not thought about at all since. 

DSC09226 DSC09232

I have made a lot of winter clothes for her, today I will be finishing the clothes with snaps, buttons and any extra trims they might need.  I am using both modern and vintage fabrics and trims, the dress above is made from an old pair of my jeans and vintage trim.  I had exactly just enough of this trim to finish the neckline, waist and sleeves.  I will take photo’s as I finish each garment. 

Curtains and Clothes

I made the curtains this morning that separate the two rooms of Evie and Jollyann:

DSC09236 Jollyann’s side is better for the bulk of the curtains.  I still need to hem them and add wooden bead to the pole ends.  I like how the light plays between each side of the window.

DSC09237 Here is Evie’s side.  I really don’t know what the original intention was for this piece, perhaps a message center by a phone?  There are hanging holders on the back, so it was supposed to hang on a wall.  I assume it is missing a cork back or slate back to the upper frame.  Who knows.  It works as a desk for Evie.  The desk part lifts up to store paper and pencils and even notebooks, it’s quite large.

DSC09238 DSC09239 Evie is wearing new black corduroy pants and flannel Mickey Mouse shirt I made.  Here is the pile of new clothes I have made, all finished:
DSC09240 There is a vintage outer space print dress, the grey wool on top, a plaid school dress, brown velveteen pants, a couple of flannel jammies, a jean dress, a petticoat, a pinafore type apron and several fleece casual tops.  Still in work basket for finishing is a pink fur coat and hat, a cream vintage cartoon cat print dress, a different cat print top and a pair of jeans.  I found a vintage wool herringbone skirt at the Antique mall yesterday, along with a pink housecoat and bell sleeved top that looks to be from the late 60’s or early 70’s, perhaps homemade for Chrissy.

I can’t believe I have accomplished this much sewing!  Jollyann got a couple of dresses and undergarments too.  The only thing left is to sort through Evie’s clothes, pack up the summer stuff so I can see what is left and I am fairly sure I need to make some tights and socks yet.  I have bee toying with the idea of making a little pre-teen bra for her, or perhaps a vintage style t-shirt.  I wore t-shirts under my dresses as a child, it was part of proper undergarments in those days.  I do have a piece of ribbed cotton knit, so perhaps I can hand sew something.