Dolly Gingerbread


Dolly cookies!

I used brown craft foam, mini cookie cutters (but you can use a paper pattern in any size) and glossy fabric paint in winter white.


After I cut out the cookies, I used a QTip with brown paint and rubbed the edges to give an oven browned look.

Now came the tricky part.  It takes several tries to get the technique down.  I found that holding the bottle up higher and guide the stream.  It’s a lot of fun!


Next time, I will buy a cream craft foam and more glossy fabric paint to make sugar cookies!  I could see that coloured sugar crystals could be sprinkled on while the “icing” is still wet.


Baby Garment into Clothes

I found a cute baby onesie that I picked up at the thrift shop for $2.99.  It had never been worn or washed. 

DSC09415 I played around with Evie’s basic pattern, thought about what I could do and how many things I could get out of it.  I wanted a Halloween t-shirt and undies set.

DSC09416 Short sleeves make perfect panties.

DSC09418 I placed the front part of the shirt pattern on, deciding on placement to capture the orange band and the pumpkin. 

DSC09419 I figure I can get long sleeves, two pairs of panties (each sleeve) and out of the bottom band, a bralette.

DSC09420 I did not cut through the band as I did not know how much I would use, so I cut a small hole and then the pattern through the front and back layer.

DSC09421 The front pattern will be cut only through the top layer (single piece)

DSC09423 I folded the back fabric an half and cut the back pattern piece. 

DSC09424 I then cut the center seam open so that I have two pieces.

DSC09427 Now I have the bottom front and back of the baby garment.  This back piece will become the bralette.  I will take advantage of the snaps as you will see.

DSC09428 This front smaller band will have the excess white fabric cut off and the center snap cut off so that I will have two straps.

DSC09429 I set this aside, and sew up the t-shirt.

DSC09448 DSC09449 Sew shoulder seams together.


DSC09451 Sew on sleeves.  My shortcut to gathered sleeves is a simple pleat to take up the slack.  I center the sleeve to the shoulder seam.

DSC09452 Pin each side together, take of the slack with two pleats, one on each side of the center shoulder seam.


I finish the other sleeve, hem the sleeve at the wrist, sew side seams and hem the bottom of the t-shirt.


DSC09456 The back edges were sewn and snaps will be added later (I do this as my handsewing project on the truck).

DSC09459 I sew the center underarm seam of the sleeve to the top of the sleeve to create the crotch of the panties.  Just about half an inch or so.  This picture is not trimmed, I will be trimming off the edge of the garment seam.  I should have done that before taking this picture.  Hand stitch the leg openings.


The bralette is next.  A simple fold over and stitched across the bottom:

DSC09465 Trim off the side pieces of white fabric from the orange band.

DSC09466 I haven’t done the trimming yet, but I snapped the shoulder bands back on so you can see what I am doing.

DSC09467 This is all the fabric that is left…so I make a pair of socks.  What the heck.

DSC09469 Now all trimmed:

DSC09472 DSC09477

DSC09478 I will finish the back of the bralette by sewing the straps to the band and adding a wide hook to the band, trimming as necessary.

Five pieces of clothing for Evie out of one baby garment!