Thoughts of sewing lace on a fine piece of delicate fabric.  Tiny leather shoes with silk ribbons.  I was ironing and my thoughts were actively imagining sewing for a lovely doll.  I was facing my dolls lined up on the cabinet and I looked into their faces.  I wondered which one I could sew for?  Or should I pine for a new one?  It was this thing of a new doll that always so deeply sparked my imagination and I have not had that in such a long time.  Was this the problem?  Was this what I was missing?  Yet, I know that it only begets wanting the next one and the continuation of the hunt and find and possess…only to want to do it all over again…and again.


Little Moments

I am stopping by the dresser with all the dolls sitting on top of,rather regularly now.  Still looking into each of their still faces and hoping to see a spark, a connection…something.  Some are not even dressed.  I muse that even that strangeness is not enough for me to dig through the dressers filled with their clothes and accessories even to dress them.  I wonder why?  Perhaps if I visit often enough, some sort of lost connection will re-connect?  All I can do is hope.

Rosey Underthings

2013-02-28 001

Here is the vest I am crocheting for Rosey.  While I had originally thought I would make it more like a child’s corset, I also thought how the buttons would show through the dresses if they were in the front.  So I opted to put the buttons to the back.  The bottom has button holes to attach knickers to.  After doing it this way, I thought why the heck I didn’t just make it all a one piece garment? 

2013-02-28 0032013-02-28 0052013-02-28 006

I am crocheting two sides to join in the front and back.  Sorry for the awkward  holding thing going on.  Not sure how I will finish the bottom.  As I study 1920’s clothing, I notice a lot of the short dresses have bloomers or culottes underneath. This might be a way for her to have shorter dresses, but she does have twiggy thin legs.  lol.  How punny.  Chubby legs do look cute with short dresses.

2013-02-28 008

Sigh, poor dear has been infinity patient with me, sitting for long hours while I hack up my lungs like Camille.  I still waver on whether to redo her eyes with a super fine brush or not. Most of the time I think they are fine as is, but then days later, I get the bug to give her thick feather stroked brows and better eyeliner.  Then I worry I will change her look and she won’t be the same as I see her now.  When I was in art college, an instructor told us to stop before we thought we were finished.  It was the finishing touches that often ruined the original concept.  Leave well enough alone and enjoy what exists.


I found Rosebud today! 

2012-08-03 046 I was setting up the trunk room for Audrey by my bed and found Rosebud behind the wooden box on the right side…under the vanity. 

2012-08-03 0422012-08-03 043

I was so relieved! 

Audrey played today.  She is quite the poser!

2012-08-03 0552012-08-03 056

I was trying to type on my computer but she was constantly interrupting me.

And then, when she finally fell asleep in her chair, I saw the perfect pink knees.  Sigh.

2012-08-03 075  It’s funny how something so simple is so visually pleasing.  Pink knees on a little girl.

Unpacking and Reunions

I’ve been so busy with unpacking and arranging.  If you are interested, there is this post on my family blog:

Settling In with our Stuff « The Potato Wife

I did find Charlotte, but not Rosebud.  I have only two boxes left that have been looked at but not emptied, Rosebud many be in there.  I will go through them soon, right now I want a break.

2012-07-28 030 I am ever so grateful that all of my dolls (and hopefully tiny little Rosebud) made it through the trip.   I am not happy to see many of my ziplock bags ripped open on the sides, as though I would hide drugs amongst my dolly things.  Customs is a pain to deal with on any occasion, but they really messed with some of our stuff and it leaves me feeling creeped out.  I hope one of my dolls bite one on the finger!

2012-07-28 0282012-07-28 029

Yesterday, I played with Evie.  I found the bags of wigs and eyes and just played.  I got the can of sealer and created a whole new face up only to find the sealer (which is the one they rave about in the UK) left a powdery white grit all over the faceup I did.  I went back in DOA and discovered that one has to warm the can in warm water and shake it thoroughly, which I did not do.  It’s very temperamental to humidity and cold and well, I am just not use to those issues after living in Colorado!  Anyways, I will try again.  I love doing face-ups, so it’s fun and creative, something I have longed for during all this upheaval. 

2012-07-28 043 Here you can see the white powder on my hands and her lovely colouring was all gone.  Weird stuff, but I read rave reviews about it so I will try again with the warming and extra long shaking of the can. 

2012-07-28 047 I am playing around with making her look more like a child again, but I am also pulled into making her a teenage 1920’s  flapper, with the right face up and hairstyle, she could pass for a flat chested flapper girl.  I have thought this before, but it’s pulling me more these days, especially since I have the other child dolls to be children.  I like adult dolls too.  I’ll play with the idea for a bit before sealing the faceup.  It could be an interesting even if she does make such a sweet forlorn child.  Most of the fun is in the imagining of it all anyways.

Right now, it seems that Jollyann is the one I grab first.  There is something about her that I really like.  The simplicity, the dolly-ness.  Before I left the USA, I was holding her the most too.  She is certainly not the pretties of my dolls, and with her refinished wooden face and her rudimentary hands, she is, well, homely.  But I just get such a cosy delightful feeling from her.  I like that she always poses perfectly, can’t yellow like resin, can’t break easily and all those kinds of things about her.  And to think that she is over 100 years old!  Nothing fragile about Jollyann!

2012-07-27 030 2012-07-26 014

2012-07-24 My dollies 001 2012-07-24 My dollies 003 I am sure over the next few weeks, each dolly will be a sort of re-union as I play again.  Each one will have it’s charm and I will enjoy the things each one’s uniqueness.  We are still in the settling down process, and after next week, husband has his first week of vacation which means I will have my hands full.  He’s set on traveling already, which I am not at all interested in.  I never seem to be allowed to get bored with just staying home!