Evie and Knitting

I found one skein of yarn the other day, lovely multi-coloured Marino wool.  It was 75 pence and I was thrilled.  Even though this does not really go for antique girl, I had to knit something for Rosey right away.

2012-11-02 0012012-11-02 004

It is much more fiery in colour than I could capture with the camera in early morning light.  I love the seed stitch which really shows off the colours well. 

Then, I had an impulse to remove the light coloured eyelashes from Evie and give her a more normal appearance.  I am still having a near-repulsion to handle my other dolls, I really don’t understand it and it bothers me.  I try to find reasons just to pick them up.  I do look at them every day, even several times a day but something makes me hesitate to touch them.  My heart holds all the memories of the times I did interact with them, held them, took them places…I feel that all the separations and upheavals have threatened the relationships somehow.  I keep hoping for it all to pass. 

2012-11-02 005 It was strange and difficult to handle her today.  I have many conflicted emotions about her. 

2012-11-02 016 I put in the coffee brown sparkle glass eyes and a dress I made a long time ago.

2012-11-02 019 This look is so typical of bjd’s and while it still appeals to me, I kept thinking that maybe she loses something in the translation.  Wild hair, ho hum.

2012-11-02 021 I put her in the short brown bob and she made me sigh.  She was tender, gentle, childlike.

2012-11-02 Evie 020 And so incredibly sad.

2012-11-02 Evie 042

2012-11-02 Evie 035

2012-11-02 Evie 048 As I sat her down, the thing that drives me crazy with her body is the legs that swivel.  I put her back on the shelf. 

2012-11-02 Evie 001

What a difference between the two.  I seem to have fallen for brown eyes and brown hair….like my granddaughter.  Sigh.  I miss her so much.


Meredith Takes a Stand

2012-10-03 0012012-10-03 0022012-10-03 003

I don’t know why these things don’t always come to me, but I was wishing Meredith Bear could stand on her padded feet and thought she needed shoes.  Well, I had a bag of stray shoes and clothes that did not fit anyone.  How strange they fit Meredith Bear!  And wowzers….she STANDS on her own!  I found a pair of knitted tights, a knitted cap, a few shirts, a pinafore, under-things and a rain slicker.  But it is those shoes…..she clomps around until my ears go numb!

2012-10-04 061 Rosey’s wig needed to be brought forward, it was sitting too far back on her head.  I always wash wigs when I remove them to get the water based glue off.  I trimmed her wig a bit shorter since now it was sitting correctly on her head. 

2012-10-04 056

And although I am sure Rosey would protest, I thought since she had her wig off for a moment, I would let you see a Schoenhut noggin.  This is before I gave her a good head wash.

2012-10-04 003

The wigs were nailed on originally, it seems Rosey has had several wigs in her day, I filled in the holes with filler (the white spots).   I really like lashes on her, someday I will replace these with softer ones.  I don’t want to change them yet, I am experimenting with how long they last and if they become annoying or anything.  These are a bit heavy for her.

I had such a nice morning walk, I thought I would share that too:


Rosey Gets a Bob Cut

2012-09-20 0022012-09-20 0042012-09-20 0052012-09-20 006Rosey got a haircut!  I had debated over and over about it, just not sure I wanted to cut the beautiful and healthy hair, but I am now glad I did.  What a perky look for her and so much easier for her to manage.

2012-09-21 002

I didn’t have any rollers, so had to use bobby pins.  It could be curled better, but for now, we are both happy with the results.  She sort of looks like a Bleuette and that makes me smile.  This was a bear’s blouse which I cut down the arms and sides (and reduced the neckline) to fit Rosey and one of adult Evie’s dresses.  It doesn’t close at the waist, but I think I can manage to create a panel insert to correct it.  I like the challenge of “make-do” with what one already has.


2012-09-04 0082012-09-04 004

The wig isn’t brushed out here, I was just trying on for colouring.

2012-09-04 0252012-09-04 003

This wig is equally interesting, more so I think with the black eyes.  The wig is too heavy to sit right on her head without glue, so it wouldn’t be set back so far.

Neither of these eyes worked with coloured wigs.  I have brown and reds, those need her normal blue or green eyes.

2012-09-04 0562012-09-04 058

Perhaps this wig is too old for her?  Or just that it doesn’t bring out any unique qualities? This is the sad look I saw and it really bothered me.

2012-09-04 002 And I can’t help but keep looking at this one.  It’s the wig I worked on for Yorik trying to make it grey.  It’s silver now.

Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome!

Sad Things

I have been very reluctant to hold any of my other dolls.  I really enjoy looking at them and have happy feelings towards them, but when I reach out to touch them, I pull away.

It’s been bothering me that I don’t touch them.  Today I made myself pick up Evie.  I have been meaning to give her some eyelashes since her face-up and I thought how it would help if I just handled her.

I tried on wigs and eyes, took lots of photographs, but nothing struck me.  I did not feel as though I were handling a beloved companion.  How sad.

2012-09-04 002 This was the most interesting look of the usual thousand I take. The wig is not in good condition.  It just gave her a ghostly waif look.

2012-09-04 009 I wish I had white eyelashes, I bet it would be a very ghostly look for her. She is not this white (nor is the wig) but I love how the paleness works here.  I also love these haunting eyes, but I am not sure how I would feel about a doll wearing them all the time.

I tried the wigs because I did have some auburn eyelashes and didn’t want to put them on if she ended up with a black or blonde wig.  But after they dried, I put in lavender eyes and her red hair again as it seemed more Evie.  I noted that while trying on wigs and handling her while doing her eyes and lashes, her legs and lower arms kept swivelling around.  It was irritating and I grew impatient with it.  She has such long colt like legs, so far out of proportion with the rest of her.  I re-dressed her in a soft gown and set her back on the shelf.  (I am spoiled by my Schoenhuts stay put limbs).  I went to take a photo of Evie to show the eyes and dropped the camera.  It is now broken!  My brand new camera!  I could cry.  I thought about how many times I dropped the glass eyes while trying them on her.  I am dropping things a lot, knocking things over, I am getting so clumsy.  That is really bothering me too.  I feel like an elephant in a china shop.

When I looked up at Evie, she seemed to look so pensive and that really bothered me.  I just stood there and looked at her.  Her face up is really quite wonderful.  Lots of different nuances of colour and it suits her.  The way her red hair wisped around her face, she is a lovely doll.  The lavender eyes look so nice too.  But there is an aloofness, a far away sadness that comes with so many of the Asian bjds.  I walked away hoping another day will bring another feeling.  I looked at each and every doll with loving affection, but still no desire to pick them up.

Rosey was sitting by my computer in her wicker chair looking like a senorita!  I smiled.  While I had the eyelashes out, I had a pair of black ones and just for fun, I though I would try them on her.  I never had even considered that she could wear lashes and I have never seen a Schoenhut with them on (perhaps the sleep eyed ones do).  I like them!  It gives her a completely different kind of look.  With the red lips and black lashes, I think she looks exotic!

2012-09-04 0422012-09-04 049

2012-09-04 0512012-09-04 044

Sweet dear Rosey.

Does a Name Travel with a Wig?

Audrey continues to enchant me.  She sits by my laptop and plays away the time.  Gets into everything she can. 

2012-08-04 0132012-08-04 0142012-08-04 0152012-08-04 0172012-08-04 0202012-08-04 021

So this morning, I decided to pick up another doll….any doll, just because I was feeling neglectful with my Audrey mania.  It was still dark in our room early this morning, so I sat for a few minutes, in the dark, staring at the sofa and suddenly just reached out for Sophie (aka Allina).

2012-03-24 040

I went into the front room and tried to get her to stand.  It was not working.  I had noticed this before, before we packed and moved.  Was it her stringing that had loosened?  Did she need sueding in the joints? I tried to figure out what was causing this flop over when standing and figured it must be her heavy hair.  I went back and got Evie and Jollyann and played wig swap.  Husband winced as I peeled wigs off, but someone has to do it.

2012-08-05 001 The dark wig was on Sophie (right), the blonde wig was on Evie (middle)and so I swapped them and found that the blonde was thinner and more light weight and better suited to Sophie.  The black hair was dense and heavy and more suited to Jollyann’s big head.  So Evie played for awhile with a few wigs in the bag (I have so few now) but with her waif like looks the wild red hair does seem to suit her best.  They are not glued down yet, I am going to get a feel for it throughout the day, so they are sitting and being observed.  I wonder if dolls get creeped out when we just stare at them?  lol.

These three girls could not be more different from each other.  I am enjoying that for a change.  The differences, in their skin, hair, eyes, size and build.  As I look at the wigs, I see how the differences in being delicate or fine textured and being more hardy and bulky can be reflected in the overall look.  The black wig is human hair and is the most luxurious and shiny, thick and bouncy wig that I have.  It was too overwhelming for Sophie, who seems to be graced by blonde hair (she originally had a flax wig in soft blonde, which I still have).  So now she looks like Allina again.  I smiled, because that name Sophie seems to go with the wig and I would not be surprised if I start calling Jollyann, Sophie.  lol. 

I have noticed that I feel like I am becoming more aware of each of the doll’s individual presence.  Instead of the way it use to be;  making do with wigs, eyes and clothes before we get back on the truck, I now like to watch and see what seems to fall into a rightful place.  I have the time to do it now. I am practicing mindfulness in other area’s in my life and so it seems appropriate to let it continue on in the dolly realm.  There is no hurry for anything, I don’t know why it feels like I must make decisions about them all the time. 

I guess I still have this urgent sense of impending travel constantly nagging me.  Husband has this next week off from work and wants to go see Glasgow and I cringe at the thought.  I love to explore, but not now, I am so sick of traveling!

She’s Here and Safe

This morning, a woman came to the door with a package saying the mailman had left it in her box.  It was such a relief.


2012-02-16 002 This is my first glimpse of her.  All 3 inches of her.

2012-02-16 003She is solid, not hollow.  She has dirt in her eyes,so first thing the little dear had a bath.

2012-02-16 004Her details for this size are incredible.

2012-02-16 007 She has eye lids for heavens sake!

My first attempt at adding hair and a face were all wrong.

2012-02-16 035 She lost something in the. translation.  I wiped it off and went a different direction

2012-02-17 001 I used wool yarn instead of human hair, made a wig cap and sewed the yarn on, made braids and sewed them up around her head.

2012-02-17 002 2012-02-17 003

2012-02-17 005 2012-02-17 010 The dress is not done, it needs buttons in the back and trim of some sort.  I am not sure yet of how to do her face, even with a magnifying glass I can barely see her eyes!