Rosey’s Bed

2012-08-15 017 Rosey’s bed came today.  It was fine in the size, she can lay full length in it.  I had to repair a hole to the mattress, but that took only a minute to sew a patch on.  I put on the antique linens I had, everything was so sweet! (excuse my bed, the sheets are being washed!)

And just for fun…with no dryer or Laundromat in town,  the wash has to hang up inside.

2012-08-15 001 I only hang the bedding in the main room, our clothes are hung in the bathroom.

 2012-08-15 019The bed is quite old, has been not-so-well painted a light pink colour. By and by I will repaint it and add roses on the head and footboard. There is a nice centre panel for that.

2012-08-15 005I have no place to put it, so for now, it will have to be under my sewing table and next to the bed.

2012-08-15 024 Rosey was very pleased.  She insisted on the lighter weight comforter though.  She liked the flowers on it.

While taking these photo’s I grabbed a few more.  Here is Yorik with the shirt I am working on for him.  This was something I cut out before leaving the USA and was my first piece on the sewing machine.

2012-08-15 030I found his vest and he looks quite nice in it!    That a pin holding it together to try the fit, the shirt is not done yet. Yorik sits on the top shelf with Charlotte.  He prefers her company as they like to talk about traveling (Charlotte has travelled to the Orient) and philosophy.  I noticed that Charlotte has looked positively radiant since meeting Yorik.

2012-08-15 009 

2012-08-15 037I think this is the best photo I have of her.  She looks so serene. 

2012-08-15 027 I think Evie is glad to have found a best friend and these two seem to spend a great deal of time making up stories of fairies and princesses and castles.  Very wistful these two are.

2012-08-15 033My childhood trolls.  I cannot remember their names (which really bothers me).  The white haired was the grandmother, the dark hair was the mother and there was a short brown haired one that was the father.  Then I had a lot of the little ones.  I remember I had one with two toned hair, my first one, that was yellow with brown tips.  I loved that one the most and I remember her name was Nikolina.  They seem happy to be out of the box and amongst the others.  I will have to make them some clothes, they have not been played with since my daughter was a child and that was 30 some years ago.  Wow.

2012-08-15 035 Rosebud has the most wonderfully defined body for being so tiny.  I just discovered that her metal dog can hold a piece of paper in his mouth!  I really wished I could have kept that little dollroom I made for her in Hawaii.  Sigh.  She seems to be fine in the leather case for now but she is in desperate need of a gown. I think I will make one tomorrow, poor  dear.

2012-08-15 041 Rosey’s sweater coat is coming along nicely.  This is the back and I am working on the of the front sections.  It’s a lovely yarn with a heavy silky weight to it, a nice flow.

I am feeling more relaxed about the dolls, but I have to remind myself when I feel the still strong urge to “pick one”.  I am so glad I don’t have to do that anymore.  I t
hink the shelf has helped me relax, because I can go and visit them, see they are fine and I can play with Rosey and the guilt of spending so much time with her is lessening.

Rosey is earthy, warm, chubby, well balanced, simple and has a touch of magic about her.  Something clicked with the dark wig, something made her blossom.  If I look to hard at her painted eyes or her mottled wood skin, I think, oh, I should sand her down or repaint her, but then I look at her and I think, NO!  Now, she is just right, just as she is right now.  There is a warm glow in her eyes that has nothing to do with paint.

2012-08-15 Rose Marie Nighty 003Just look at those chubby arms!  She’s in her summer nighty and all ready to sleep in her new bed!


Soon I will be Sewing Again!

Husband is on his way to Ikea to get a bookcase for my dolls.  Today, the landlady is coming to take the two sofa’s and the wood table that are in the bedroom.  I will then move my craft table in the bedroom and set  up the bookcase to hold my dolls and my sewing box, patterns and such.  I will be able to start sewing!!!!!

We had planned on buying more furniture this month, but a few other expenses came up and so things will take a bit longer than we wanted, to complete the flat.  We still need 2 dressers in the bedroom so that I can use the wardrobe for doll stuff and we need one more display unit for artwork in the living room.

With husband home on vacation this week, I pretty much relaxed and didn’t do more than knitting for dolly stuff.  I finished Yorik’s red sweater:

2012-08-09 001

I am currently working on a sweater coat for Rosy.  Oh, yeah, Jollyann finally settled on Rose Marie as her name and I get to call her Rosy.  I am at this particular time very attached to her.  Audrey certainly pulls my heartstrings, but Rosy just keeps me glued to her.  I received a refund from a seller on eBay after she couldn’t find the item I bought and the funds were promptly converted into dolly dollars!  Well, dolly pounds anyways.  I looked at dolls, but I really don’t want a new doll right now, I am happy with the ones I have and I thought that maybe a bed would be nice.  I found this one:


I am hoping it will be okay for Rosy, although it is 17.5 and I bought it thinking she was 16 inches.  I measured her to find she is 17 inches!  Oops!  She’s been sleeping next to my bed in a basket, and well, I thought she might as well have a bed.  I did save some antique dolly bed linens, so this will be fun to have.

I’ll take photo’s of the sewing machine and shelf set up tomorrow.  I’ll include a shot of the knitting too.  For now, all the dolls are hiding under my duvet and waiting until the furniture haul away is done.

2012-08-09 007

Rosy and Audrey

2012-08-09 008

Audrey and the bike I found before she arrived

2012-08-09 003

Sophie and Peter

I need to reposition her wig so that her bangs are not so short. 

Yorik’s Sweater

2012-07-12 0052012-07-12 0062012-07-12 007

I make Yorik a free hand sweater, which turned out really nice.  I love the heathery tweed look.  I have already started another with a soft red wool.  He’ll need the sweaters here in Scotland!

The ship with our household goods was suppose to arrive on the 10th, it is the 14th and no word.  Sigh.  I try to take deep breaths and not give it too much thought.  I don’t expect to see my dolls until mid August.  I guess I’ll just knit away the time!

Yorik Gets Duds

2012-07-03 0022012-07-03 003

I made Yorik a pair of jeans from an old pair of mine, using the side seam as his side seams.  I then took a sheer vintage man’s sock and made him a muscle tee. 

2012-07-02 005 Sigh.  He looked so handsome undressing.    It wasn’t the six pack, it was the look in his eye.  Heavy sigh.

No Name Yet

I still have not found the right name for the little one.  I can tell she is going to require a very special name.  After searching through hundreds, she is still not satisfied.

2012-05-11 009 I gently washed her hair, which is hair that is glued on, I see a seam down the centre part, but other than that, it is glued to the scalp.  I washed the ends to take away the frizz and dust, and it falls in lovely curls now.

2012-05-11 012 I wish I could capture her on film.  She is not very photogenic, but in person, she is marvellous in her colouring and in her face and eyes.

2012-05-11 007 I wish I knew who she was.  I wish she would say her name!

The boys….well they are being boys.

2012-05-10 019 2012-05-10 021

2012-05-10 020They spend a lot of time in the window and plotting something.  I hope the window washer didn’t give them any ideas.

2012-05-10 001

A Pause in Packing

Whew.  We are about halfway done with the packing.  The last of my dolly stuff has either been sold or given away.  The rest is pack and all that sits here with me is Yorik and some of his stuff that we will use in Scotland for story-making.  Charlotte is packed up ready to go to my mothers, but if we have enough room, I may bring her too.  So far we are at 7 boxes and may be able to stop before 20 are filled, our limit.  But who knows, all those last minute things have a way of cropping up.  Clothes will take up a good bit I am sure, even though neither od us are clothes horses.

It feels weird to not have any dolly things around.  I am so grateful for Yorik’s presence, although it can be pretty intense sometimes.  I catch him observing sometimes and I get a little spooked by it.  I mean,  I am busy scanning photo’s and look up to see him like this:

DSC09000  I couldn’t quite capture it as I saw him, but there is something so vibrant with him since he starting wearing this hair.   His eyes are intensely blue and have an incredible depth.  While I use to think I would eventually need to redo his face up to match better with grey hair, the brown is now all mellow and suitable, more than I thought it would be.

DSC08997 He sits next to my computer.  A couple of times I just picked him up to hold him, but he is just not that interested in having his hair stroked or being carrier around like a baby doll.  lol.

2012-04-01 038 

2012-03-31 010

2012-04-01 040

There is something different about Yorik that I really like.  Not too anime, or feminine, nor too masculine.  He’s got an incredibly ripped body, but it doesn’t make him look freakish like a super hero.  He is younger than I first imagined him, but there is still a great deal of maturity to him.  No lost little boy thing going on, he is very much a thinker and adventurer.  Now if I can just find him something to do, a book to read, anything, because being under his microscope makes me feel like I ought to brush my hair or put on lipstick or something.  lol.

Traveling Companion

Today I had to choose the travel companion so that I could pack the boxes with the remaining dolls.  This was sort of hard, as I have been comforted by Ann and Jeanette and of course the usual thought…probably someone small would be easiest to carry.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that Yorik is the traveller and to be able to capture him in London and Stonehenge would be far more appropriate than just having cute girl dollies in pretty dresses with background shots.  Husband agreed and got all excited all over again about Yorik’s potential.  This means though, that I have to manage two large suitcases, a backpack and a bag to carry Yorik in on the Tube.  It also mean that Yorik will be my only companion for about 70 days, or whenever our boxes arrive.    So it will be Yorik and I who will be exploring Glasgow and Loch Lomond and the River Clyde.  That is the area we are hunting a flat.  We gave up on Edinburgh, we were just not finding the right place there.

2012-03-30 012 I spent the rest of the day packing my dolly things, yarns, fabrics, notions, sewing stuff and the dolls.  I managed to keep it three boxes.  They are filled to the brim!  We haven’t weighed them yet, they have a limit of 66 pounds.  I may have to take something out, but if not, I will be very happy with what I took.  I managed to get Miette’s trunk in there and the dark grey sofa.  Also a bicycle and a scooter.

2012-03-30 011 I found Sila’s sweater that Sisko made, and it fits him beautifully.  I also found several items for him to use that belonged to Silas.  Yorik was pleased with the new loot.

I am so relieved that the dolly stuff is done and fingers crossed that the weight is ok.