Meet the Companions

The Babies
Emily Sigh (Modern, Unknown sculpt, reborn all vinyl preemie, 12 inches)

Kamiko Mon Amie (Vintage, Japanese Gofun 6 inches)


The Young Children
Hamlet Abernathy (Modern,Dollzone BB Kay,  resin, 10 inches)

Audrey Susan Modern, Dollzone BB Ani, resin, 10 inches

Glynnis Elin (Modern, Unknown artist doll, bisque and cloth, 12 inches)


The Older Children
Rose Marie Macaroon (Antique, Schoenhut Miss Dolly, all wood, 17 inches)

Evening Olive Primrose (Modern,Dollstown Seola 7,  resin, 18 inches)

Sophie Allina (Modern, handcarved by Sisko, all wood, 16 inches)

Peter Mikko (Modern, handcarved by Sisko, all wood, 15 inches)

Jeanette Holiday (Vintage Sasha Caleb, all vinyl 16 inches)

Miette Eclair (Antique Reproduction, A. Thuillier, bisque and composition, 1o inches)


The Ladies
Charlotte Lost (Antique China Head, china and leather, 18 inches)

Princess Rosebud (Antique, unknown, all china, 3.5 inches)

Madeira Grape (Modern, Effanbee, vinyl and cloth, 14 inches)

Lizzy Tizzy (Modern (possibly vintage) unknown sculpt or artist, bisque and leather, 13 inches)


The Men
A.P. Yorik (Modern, Souldoll Vito Lester, resin, 20 inches)

I. Jones (Modern, Unknown manufacture, Indiana Jones action figure, all vinyl, 19 inches)


The Creatures
A Pig – Olivia DeHavitall (Modern, Madam Alexander, vinyl, 9 inches)
A Mouse – Moosey (Vintage, Rauls, vinyl and fur, 8 inches)
3 Trolls – Hanna, Anna and Sanna (Vintage, DAM, viny, 7 inches and 3 inches)
2 Bears – Leo and Mogens (Vintage, unknown maker, mohair, 15 and 16 inches)
1 Hedgehog – Greer (Modern, possibly vintage, unknown maker, 8 inches)


Please see the Page – Who’s Who for more information about each doll or creature.


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