Who's Who

Here is a brief description of each doll or creature.  To find posts about them, use the Category list.

The Babies
Emily Sigh – just a sweet baby that lays in a basket.  She makes everyone sigh when they walk by her.

Kamiko Mon Amie – Charlotte’s infant.  She was found on a doorstep, or so Charlotte tells everyone.

The Young Children
Hamlet Abernathy – Known as Hammie, he is the boisterous brother of Audrey.  Fights pirates and scary things under the bed.  Likes chocolate milk and hamburgers, hates oatmeal.

Audrey Susan – Inquisitive sister of  Hammie.  Her curiosity usually lands her in trouble.  She likes to talk to flowers, fairies and dragons.  Her favourite food is jelly beans and has a doll that she dearly loves.

Glynnis Elin – Scottish lass who is gentle, sweet and very kind unless you cross her.  Then you might as well cover your ears, she will beat you with a torrent of words.  Hopefully her brogue will help soften the blow. She has found a kindred spirit in Miette.

The Older Children
Rose Marie Macaroon – Rosey plays all day in her imaginary world.  She is happy-go-lucky and steals jam tarts. Loves ballet and music, hates to learn school lessons.

Evening Olive Primrose – Sad, mopey, wistful and dreadfully earnest describes Evie.  Use to being a prima donna, she respectfully demands attention.  She asks a lot of questions and doesn’t hesitate to give her opinion.  Evie loves ghosts and scary stories, cheese sandwiches and swinging.  She has a secret crush on Yorik.  She also has memories of the past that are hard to understand.

Sophie Allina – Smart, a good listener, and very good at embroidery.  Sophie loves to weave stories likes she weaves her tapestries.  She can make the most wonderful jam tarts.  Just ask Rosey.  Peter is her younger brother and they are very closely bonded.

Peter Mikk0 – Happy brother of Sophie.  Loves to play with toys, is perfectly happy deep in an adventure book and thinks Jones is the coolest guy he ever met.  I don’t think Peter has ever been unhappy or cried even once.  He is very good at makings things from discarded items.

Jeanette Holiday – Book smart, always a top level student, extremely neat and tidy, Jeanette prefers to analyse everything.  She wants to be a scientist when she grows up.  Doesn’t like to eat anything with her hands and doesn’t like boys at all.  Evie is her best friend.

Miette Eclair – Fancy, frilly Miette loves to sing, correct bad grammar and travel.  It seems she never really goes anywhere, as she spends too much time packing her things and there is simply too much to carry.  Still, if she could travel, she would with an entourage of trunks and fancy gowns and more hats than Bartholomew Cubbins.


The Ladies
Charlotte Lost – When Charlotte’s parents died, they left mounting debt and a decrepit estate for Charlotte to live in.  Her two sisters had fled years before and there was nothing left in the old house worth keeping.  She sold it and took a trip to the Orient.  She had read about how Asian doctors cured women of their ailments and came back with a secretive smile on her face.  She also brought back a little oriental baby, one that she found on a doorstep.  No one but Charlotte believed that story.  She holds her head up high and is a dutiful and caring mother.  Charlotte often cares for the other young children and has the sweetest singing voice.   Charlotte is full of secrets, writes letters she hides, takes long midnight walks, bakes fabulous cakes.  At one point she was set to marry Oliver but he mysteriously disappeared.  She is tight lipped about that too.  Kamiko is her infant child.

Princess Rosebud – High and mighty, Princess Rosebud is the smallest of the bunch but never, ever think she is tiny in any possible way.  She has a commanding presence and demands your full attention.  The Princess has a faithful dog, a magic orb and keys to a secret castle. Please curtsy when you meet her.  And don’t ask about the missing leg, it’s impolite.

Madeira Grape – A hopeless romantic, incurably in love with Jones, Madeira is a school teacher with little else to  occupy her mind but grading papers and whether Jones will ever kiss her again.  She is not very confident and is often terribly embarrassed.  She has a terrible fear of spiders and has been known to pass out at the sight of them.  Madeira takes little round green pills for her nerves, sometimes the pills make her fall asleep at the worst possible times!

Lizzy Tizzy – A busybody, gossiper and a tippler.  Even though she was a member of a local temperance group, Lizzy’s drinking eventually landed her in jail.  She began to get quite friendly with the guard and with a promise of marriage, Lizzie had a little boy.  She didn’t keep anything a secret, that’s not Lizzy’s style.  She lost the guard and sadly the little boy to whooping cough.  Lizzy was never the same, in fact she is a bit crazy, whether in her mind or from the drink, it is difficult to say.  Lizzy gives splendid tea parties, be sure to put your hand over the teacup id you don’t want rum in it.


The Men
A.P. Yorik – Serious, lacks humour and has unwilling become a time traveler.  He didn’t invent his travel machine, he found it by accident and now more problems than just how to work the machine is cropping up.  Yorik is a loner and rarely confides in anyone.  He needs Jones to help but doesn’t particularly like him.  Yorik has a weakness for Charlotte’s cakes.  He enjoys talking to Charlotte as she seem the most wise of everyone he knows.  He likes that she is a mysterious person.

I. Jones – Full of adventure, Jones is amiable, good natured and terribly weak when it comes to women.  He is often over confident and can’t keep his hands or lips off the ladies.  He is always surprised to get a slap from the women and a punch from the guys.  Jones is a big risk taker and while he may save anyone’s life without a thought of reward, he’s not as attentive to his own.  Jones is not a thinker, but a do-er.

The Creatures
A Pig – Olivia DeHavitall – Loud, no that not enough, lets say VERY LOUD.  You will always know when Olivia is present.  She lives life out LOUD and over the top.  Gambles, swears and smokes.  Wears outlandish clothing.  Vegetarian and gourmand.  If there is a cause and effect, Olivia caused it.  Wants to be a movie star but doesn’t like acting.  One can’t really say Olivia will go far, she already has gone far enough!

A Mouse – Moosey – It’s hard to know much about Moosey, he’s rather simple minded.  He likes cheese.  Pictures of cheese, thoughts about cheese, cheese recipes……

3 Trolls – Hanna, Anna and Sanna – Hanna and Anna fight all the time.  They both claim Sanna is their kid, but neither can prove it.  It doesn’t really matter, because they both love her and she gets double hugs and kisses, so she doesn’t care which one is Mom either.  Still, the bickering is non stop.  It can be over the cooking, the cleaning, the weather, the colour blue….they never ever stop, not even for a moment.

2 Bears – Leo and Mogens – Leo is the elder and is wise and the quiet one.  Mogens is the dreamer, he always wants to think up wonderful stories for the children.  These are ancient bears and have been around long before anyone else.  Perhaps even longer.

1 Hedgehog – Greer – There use to be a fox named Greer and he left and now claims he is a hedgehog returning to help Evie discover who she really is.  It’s all so confusing because when he knew Evie as fox, she was an adult and now she is a child and he is a hedgehog.  Perhaps Yorik and go back or forward in time to find out when this began or perhaps ended?


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